Electric Motor failures are predominantly caused by two factors. While one is acclaimed as ‘in-operation’ factors, the other is acclaimed as ‘off-line’ factors. Now, the in-operation factors are generally factors relating to production activities and sometimes the factory environment where the electric motors are deployed. On the other hand, the off-line factors are generally related to improper practice of motor repairs, installation and storage. Now, when we compare these two factors, from the perspective of ease of eradication, the off-line factors are much easier to eradicate when compared to the in-operation factors.
Now, to make sure that the off-line factors stay out of your way, you need to hire an electric motor repair shop for routine check up of the electric motors installed at your company. Now, to choose on which electric motor repair company you should hire for your company, you should mainly focus on the repair standards and practices the shop follows. It is very important that you take under consideration the fact that, every other repair shop has different expertise and professionalism, and the overall quality of the repair services offered are also different. In this article, we will talk about how you should evaluate electric motor repair shops before hiring them for your company.
The primary requirement that you need to go through when you are hiring a repair shop, is that they should have an experienced stable workforce, who are well trained and are technically proficient. While it is very important that they hold a diploma or a training certificate, at the same time experience is also of utmost importance.

The repair shop should maintain a clean and ordered work area.
The repair shops you hire should have modern equipment and instruments for testing and maintenance of the electric motors. The equipment and the instruments they carry should be calibrated according to the standards set by the governing body. The calibration of the equipment is necessary since, if the readings are not accurate and not according to the national standard, the motor may fall prey to the problems yet again within a very short span.
One of the most important things that you need to check about the repair shop is, that they should have a well-documented set of repair procedure, which they will adhere to in case you hire them for repairing your electric motors. Motor shops which are there generally for decades, has a procedure that they always adhere to, not really depending on the experience of the technician who is carrying on the repairing procedure. Moreover, since they follow a procedure in every other place where they provide a repair service, it ensures that your motors are repaired according to documented electrical and mechanical standard, which makes your motors calibrated with the national standard.
Always hire a repair shop who procure replacements parts through a transparent channel, since, sometimes, repair shops give away replacement parts which are stocked with them for a long amount of time, leading to counterfeit or obsolete components. Procuring replacements parts from a transparent channel, means that there are no issues of obsolete components.
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