Fashion Blogger Spotlight: Maya of Pink Caboodle 1

Hope those of you who had a good time on Thanksgiving had a fantastic day! We here at TCF are so grateful for all of you! We also are thankful for the awesome plus-size bloggers who just preserve on slaying with their non-public style! Last week, we introduced you to the cute Michelle of The Glam Mom, and this week we’ve got Maya of Pink Caboodle! Through her blog, Maya stocks her journey closer to loving her body and plenty of supportive and helpful ideas to help you increase your body positivity. Her style is a bit eclectic, but all things purple! She is a plus-length blogger. YOU NEED TO KNOW!!

Fashion Blogger Spotlight: Maya of Pink Caboodle

What led you to it?
There are a ton of bloggers/celebrities who encourage me, but I am maximum stimulated by using the most crucial girl in my life: my mother. She conjures up me to continually live authentic to who I am and to find splendor in who I am. As a plus-length lady, she has usually been very stylish and confident in her body. She maintains to inspire me to attempt new things, move towards style norms and put on what makes my experience unique. My simplest wish as a fashion blogger is to encourage different girls to sense the identical manner approximately they’re our bodies as my mom inspired me.

Do you weblog full-time, for amusement, or as a hobby? Share your evolution!
I’ve always loved writing brief poems and testimonies as an infant. It wasn’t until later that I started to share my writing with different human beings. At the same time, I started my weblog in 2014 as convalescing after the essential surgical operation on my legs. I used this time to percentage greater on my adventure and struggles as a plus-size female. At some stage, I also began exploring the arena of favor, discovering bloggers who rocked it inside the plus-length enterprise. That endorsed me to provide it an attempt too. It started as a hobby; now, I am blogging component-time along my social media business. It’s my dream to weblog full-time; until then, I’m doing all I can to fund ‘the dream.’


What is your favorite asset? Your legs, hands, waist? How do you play that up?
My preferred belongings are my arms and legs…that is loopy for me to mention because I used to hate them. I’ve constantly had thick arms and thighs; I hated them growing up because they were the telltale sign that I was fat. I even have grown to love them… they’ve been desirable to me. My hands held me up when I used crutches and walkers to assist me in strolling after a surgical procedure. My legs have been via a lot; they’re scared. But each scar jogs my memory of all I’ve been thru and features triumph over. I love to show them off by wearing a sleeveless get-dressed/shirt and skinny denim…something that makes me sense sexy and assured.

What are the challenges, if any, you face regarding being plus length?
This is a rather “new” warfare for me. Due to multiple leg surgeries, I’ve become shorter (I used to be 5’6″). Some of my favorite outfits at the moment are too long. Another “battle” I’ve always had is that my palms are larger and, occasionally, require that I size more readily as much as in shape. I constantly attempt to make the best out of an icky situation.

What’s your favorite thing about being plus length?
It’s an adventure, and it calls for me to be innovative in locating new methods to get dressed in an outfit that I can’t do immediately off the model.

What’s your favorite aspect of being a blogger?
As a plus-length fashion/frame positivity blogger, what I most revel in is being a supply of encouragement and motivation for different girls and young girls to like who they’re. It’s horrifying at times, being prone and sharing my struggles as a plus-size woman, but it’s past profitable to pay attention while you encourage a person to embody their frame.

Who/what are your favorite designers/brands?
ELOQUII, palms down. I love their designs and mission to move fashion ahead by providing a greater inclusive style for all frame kinds. I also love Curves With Purpose (a new plus-length boutique primarily based out of Nashville), Fashion Nova, RainbowShops, Fashion to Figure, Ashley Stewart, and many more!

Describe your private fashion.
My private fashion is anything that makes sense, right.?I don’t realize if this is good or horrific, lol. I’m huge on sporting anything that you experience accurately: confident, horny, BOSS, elegant, and so forth. So I don’t keep on with one unique fashion…except for the coloration crimson 😉

Which bloggers encourage you? Plus or immediately size! Are any bloggers presently on your radar?
I’m stimulated by using such a lot of bloggers, each cutting-edge and new. I was first given into plus-length fashion by following bloggers, including GarnerStyle, CeCe Olisa, The Curvy Fashionista, etc. However, I am additionally stimulated by using many up-and-coming bloggers, which include: The Dreamy Realist, Eclectic Kurves, The Pretty Plus, Style Vicksen, Fearless Flawless Free, and a lot more!

What do you consider wherein plus size style is these days as opposed to some years returned?
I think it’s surely enhancing we’re transferring to the right course. But there’s still room for development. There are many brands and influencers currently representing in plus length fashion that I didn’t have as an infant or teen. It’s extremely good that younger ladies nowadays have those sources of appearance too. Still, until our bodies are represented equally in all their shapes and forms, there’s a phase of folks being overlooked.

What you believe you studied or paid attention to from readers is one of the biggest myths around plus-size fashion. That you couldn’t wear your palms out, I fell victim to this myth for a long time, wearing lengthy sleeves within the center of the summer season. I’ve learned that it’s extra approximately me and what I’m comfortable with, unlike what other human beings locate acceptably.