If you are looking to find a catering service for your own wedding, this is probably going to be a very stressful decision. In addition to other components of the wedding like the dress and the flowers, you also want to make sure that the food being served is perfect. The food you serve is going to be one of the main ways in which your guests remember the wedding. So, to help you with this extremely stressful but important decision, listed below are a few points you should keep in mind-

  1. It is more than just a meal- the event you are looking to have the perfect food for is not any other day, it is probably the most important day of your life. So of course, the food you are going to serve is not just any ordinary meal. You probably have a whole host of favourite food that you want to serve. So, make sure you find a catering service that is prepared to address your requirements and prepare exceptional food. You should also ensure that the company you choose takes your needs seriously and is not casual about the entire event.
  2. Ask for a quote- wedding caterers can turn out to be very expensive based on the components that you desire as a part of the package. Make sure to consult different catering services and ask for prices for their packages. But, remember that the cheapest or most expensive company is not necessarily the best option. Take a look at how they personalise the event and what kind of staff they employ before you book the service.
  3. Take into account the number of guests- depending on the number of guests you have attending your wedding, you will need to choose an appropriate catering service. If you have a huge guest list, you will need to ensure that your company is capable of keeping all guests waited on and served effectively. If you have a smaller guest list, your company should be able to make your guests feel comfortable. If you are hiring a professional wedding caterer, you may not have to issue too many instructions as they are experienced. But, it is still a good idea to communicate special instructions that you have in mind
  4. Discuss their services- while food is the most important thing that you consider when hiring a catering service, the training and behaviour of the catering staff is also equally important. It is necessary that they are able to keep calm and stay patient when dealing with the demands of guests during the event. a small fight or argument could completely ruin the mood of the event and you want to avoid this at all costs. In order to check this, you can ask for references of past customers to whom you can talk and gain an insight into the company’s performance.
  5. Ask for tastings-if the company you are looking at refuses tastings until after you have signed the contract, try getting in touch with multiple companies well ahead of time. You can then arrange to taste their food from other events they cater to before they cater to your event. 


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