Four Critical Things to Consider When Buying a Residential Elevator 1

At the time, elevators were considered ultra-luxurious for the rich and convenient for the elderly. But today, times and lifestyles have changed, so the demand for elevators is more of a necessity than a luxury. That is why persistent efforts have been undertaken to bring innovation and decrease the cost of materials. More and more homeowners can experience the tremendous advantages of elevators.

A residential elevator is a long-term investment; hence making an appropriate choice is crucial. You cannot think of replacing them often as it might need changes in the building construction. So, before you spend thousands of dollars installing an elevator, you should check and ensure the appropriateness of a particular elevator to suit your needs and home.

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Here are four important things you should look for before you buy a residential elevator:


The first thing you should do before investing in an elevator is to evaluate your specific requirements. You may want it as an alternative to stairs or incorporate it as a primary focus of your residence design. You don’t have to think much about the elevator’s aesthetics in the former situation. However, if the elevator sits at the center of your home, you must ensure it looks the best.

Also, if there is an elderly or disabled family member with mobility issues, you would have to consider a design that offers easy accessibility.


The next important to consider is the location of the elevator. An elevator system requires ample space, not just for the unit but also for the machine room, and it may not necessarily be possible to install it where you want it to be.

There might be design limitations, and the location may not match its practical feasibility. So, to have better clarity, get your home inspected by a licensed elevator installer and take advice on the suitable type and model.


Another thing to ensure when elevator shopping is that your load capacity is per its expected use. Opt for a lower load capacity if you want it for personal purposes. However, remember that you may sometimes be required to carry more people or heavy furniture and household items. Hence, ensuring sufficient power for your elevator is a must.

Also, please don’t use your elevator to carry more weight than recommended, as it will increase the risk of accidents during operation and impact your elevator’s life.

Safety Features

This is something that you cannot miss when purchasing an elevator. You have to quickly rundown on safety features and check if they meet the standards according to the local safety codes and norms.

It will be great to check reviews of previous consumers to determine which model makes the safest and best option for your home.