Giddes Chalamanda takes over Malawi internet 1

Giddes Chalamanda

Malawi’s veteran musician Giddes Chalamanda can not cover the amusement attached to his American dream’s fresh days became truth. He is now a web hit.

Salamandra, who’s in the America of America for live music shows in several u. S . ‘s essential towns have been sharing his glad moments thru social media platforms.

Malawi’s oldest singer can not escape a photo-capturing spree with anyone trying to have his face. The Buffalo Soldier has brought snapshots of himself in a younger outfit to intensify his hype. Even attractive ladies can not help but take a picture with their legendary determination.

The company of his fellow artists, which comprises Edgar and Davies, Patience Namadingo, Maskal, and 1/3 Eye, are most of the faces that make some images posted on Chalamanda’s personal Facebook account.

However, the American experience has no longer been robust enough to overshadow Chalamanda’s way of life in the overseas land. He eats Malawian food, permits ladies to squat before him, and his Malawian feel of garb may be witnessed inside the pix.

With several shows before completing his ancient The usa excursion, the Chiradzulu-born singer has days to make photo albums to lay a basis for future memories.

The listing of his hit songs encompasses; Buffalo Soldier, Liny, Achemeli, and Napoli. He also collaborated with Edgar and Davies’ duo, which has been supporting him in a song entitled Zikubwera Mocha.

More camera-calling moments await Chalamanda after becoming revealed that he will launch an album in his dreamland before his departure.