How To Wear A Stylish Stacked Bob

Stacked bob hairstyles are vibrant, fresh, and stylish – that’s how we can describe them. Would you like to hear these adjectives about your hair? Then get inspired with us and look for your perfect variation of a stacked haircut. What makes such a bob perfect is the cut of the hair rounded with layering in the back. It catches more attention than the front section that gradually becomes longer up to the face. These details make this hairdo look special. Are you ready to experiment with it? So many colors and techniques can be found on love hairstyles, so don`t miss your chance to try them on yourself.

 Hair Upgrade

1.A Stacked Bob Hairstyle With Blonde Highlights

A stacked bob is so interesting to work with, as there are so many different suggestions that you can choose for yourself to try. Are you interested in getting blonde highlights or dying your hair by keeping your roots in a natural color? Then a stacked bob is going beautifully with these ideas. With such colorful changes, it will look so perfect on you in any way. Experiment with natural waves or keep the hair straight. It`s up to you.

2.A Natural Wavy Stacked Bob For Every Day

Many people think that choosing a bob hairstyle means forgetting about different hairstyles. However, we are here to deny this fact. If you choose a stacked bob, you will be able to try different styles. What about curls? Of course, they won`t be as structured as on the long hair, but they will look even more charming. It is not as easy as it seems to work with, as the layers of your hair are of different lengths, so make sure not to place your curling iron too close to your roots. We are looking for a natural effect, so wrap a strand of hair twice maximum around the curler and don`t hold it for too long.

3.A Cute Messy Stacked Bob Idea

Messiness is the trend that is not leaving the hair industry for a long time. It brings charm and sexiness to the appearance and is somewhat comfortable to wear, especially with a stacked bob. You don`t have to think of any hair strand that will get out of its place in these long bob haircuts. As your hair’s top layers are slightly longer than the bottom ones, you should concentrate on curling them slightly. Our advice would be to heat your curler to the minimum temperature and use it on thicker pieces of your hair. Such natural waves will create more volume, especially if you make your hair messy with the help of texturizing spray afterward.

4.How To Rock A Colorful Stacked Bob

Most of the time, people with colorful hair are afraid to experiment with its length. We believe it is a mistake as it is a beautiful way to enhance your uniqueness even more. Different shades and combinations work so well on a stacked bob. Pick a color and have some fun with combining its shades. It will look so good with a messy or wavy hairstyle as well as with the straight one. If you are ready to stand out from the crowd, this should be your number one choice.

As you have already understood, colors look so good on a stacked bob. A perfect platinum blonde hue is ideal for such a length and form as this color will accentuate the haircut and keep your hair look healthy and soft. Isn`t that what we all are looking for when experimenting with a blonde? A stacked haircut will bring so much style to your appearance, especially with a trendy cold color like this. So, don`t hesitate and try it on.

So many variations are there for you to go through and find the one you like the most. Are you excited to bring in some changes to your hair? Get inspired with us, and you won`t regret your choice.