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Advantages of an Android Phone


In the arena of smartphones, Android is on top of the listing considering that it’s the maximum broadly used OS. The recognition is because of the functions the OS gives. Given below are some advantages offered by the OS. Read on to realize greater.


Multitasking is one of the first-rate blessings of an Android phone. In different words, you can do numerous obligations simultaneously on your smartphone. For instance, you can browse websites whilst being attentive to your preferred music from the comfort of your room.

Ease Of Notification

You get notification of every pastime that happens in your phone, consisting of emails, messages and so forth. In different phrases, you may get indicators out of your phone and you will miss not anything.



Easy Accessibility

If you love playing video games on your cell phone, nothing is higher than Android. You can download from heaps of games from the app keep of Android. Most of the apps may be downloaded and established for free.

Different Models

Android gives other organizations the permission to apply its OS. Since there may be a large style of Android telephones, you have got the freedom to opt for an emblem based totally on your needs. The exceptional of smartphones has long gone up due to the stiff competition amongst distinct manufacturers.

Modified ROM

If you do not just like the authentic display of the Android-based telephone you personal, you could get it changed if you want to get only you like.

Phone Options

Aside from multitasking, every other brilliant benefit of Android is that it gives a bunch of options. For instance, iOS comes from Apple, but Android comes from tons of producers like Sony Ericson, HTC, and Samsung, just to name a few.

Bigger Screen

If you like massive screens, you could want to choose an Android telephone. The display of those telephones is larger than that of iPhone.

Google Maniac

If you love Google merchandise, Android smartphones are your high-quality bet. The purpose is that the OS comes with numerous Google products and services that assist you to sync your Google account with numerous other devices. As a result, you could use all of Google offerings, together with Google docs, Google reader, Google maps and so on.


Android OS gives some widgets on its home display that let you get right of entry to the settings with none hassle. So, this is every other great gain of owning a smartphone that runs Android.

Cost Effective

If you are uninterested in using basic telephones and also you want to enjoy something higher at a low priced fee, you could need to move to an Android smartphone. On the opposite hand, Blackberry, Apple or any other cell phone expenses you a lot more than Android. You spend lots less but get nearly all the functions that you can enjoy with an incredibly extra luxurious cell phone.

How Smartphones Make Life Easy



Every year there is new technology made to be had for phone customers. Smartphones have come to be a small, personal computer. You can do many things with smartphones, from paying payments to making purchases, to preferred internet surfing. Smartphones do extra than simply make calls. Smartphones help human beings address any trouble that they have in life.

Type of Smartphone

The product that impresses me most is the Nokia smartphone. Windows makes the Nokia cell phone. I was a Windows telephone owner seeing that 2015 and a committed client. The purpose I love the Nokia is due to the fact the telephone is person-pleasant, that means everybody can use the smartphone regardless of their tech capabilities. The Nokia has a simple layout. The Windows telephone is also smooth; Windows has usually had one of the exceptional searching phones in the marketplace with its polished design. Another motive I love the Windows smartphone is there are usually changes and updates to be had to proprietors. Microsoft listens to their clients. They really care about what functions clients price when using their product. My Nokia phone has emerged as my normal cell phone because it has many thrilling and beneficial functions. Microsoft becomes the second to pioneer the most recent technology with their telephone. I will discuss the advantages of owning a Nokia.

Advantages of Smartphones

One of my favorite advantages the Nokia phone capabilities is the mass preference of apps within the Window’s cell phone app save. Another add-on is Cortona, the voice activated virtual assistant, that can help customers by using searching the net for applied statistics. Cortona is the purpose I continually wanted a Windows telephone, Because Microsoft turned into the second organization to provide a non-public assistant on their telephones, I am dependable to them. Microsoft has always saved their customers glad and excited with their updates on functions. Also, Nokia phone customers experience quick and regular updates for Windows phone no matter what includes they use. Microsoft grants Windows smartphone updates to gadgets which are up to 2 years antique. Microsoft does no longer allow providers manipulate updates. As quickly as the updates come to be available from Microsoft, it’s far available on each service.

Nokia telephones are compatible with all your other Windows devices. If you own a Windows cell phone, Xbox, or your PC, your facts flow easily from one tool to the other. You can quickly sync your photographs to all your devices, solution a telephone call on your Xbox or PC, and send textual content messages from multiple gadgets. I respect being able to manipulate my faculty commercial enterprise and private communication from one tool.

Warranty Plan

Another number one motive I love my Windows telephone is it comes with an awesome, guarantee plan. When my telephone turned into accidentally knocked off a sink and damaged via water, I called Microsoft customer service and that they fixed my smartphone free of cost. If I could have taken my telephone to the mall, it would have priced me among $a hundred to $three hundred in repairs. Microsoft took care of the whole lot and glued my smartphone in best two days, saving me time and money.


My enjoy as a Microsoft consumer has been remarkable, I do no longer plan on purchasing everywhere else for a smartphone. The Nokia cell phone is so easy to use and smooth to journey with. The Nokia smartphone is to be had in an expansion of colors to be able to attract many customers. The Nokia telephones are beforehand of other cellphone manufacturers, for my part, with polished designs and advanced functionality. The Nokia smartphone adapts to address something in normal settings. I am a proud Nokia telephone owner and my telephone does the whole lot that I ask it to do. The Nokia telephones generation clearly impresses me.

QuickBooks Tip – Child Support Garnishments

How to set up, tune and pay Child Support Garnishments in QuickBooks seems to be a pretty popular subject matter of debate, I see this query regularly on some of the QuickBooks forums and news organizations that I common, so here is a little academic for putting in a weekly Child Support Deduction.

Quick Facts About Child Support Garnishments:


Child Support is a publish (after) tax deduction from the employee paycheck.
It is possible that you will have more than one worker with a Child Support Deduction.
It is suitable to have worker precise deduction gadgets on your Payroll Item listing.
It is not important to have worker precise liability bills for your Chart of Accounts.
Creating a Child Support Garnishment deduction object in QuickBooks is quite smooth.

From the Lists menu -> pick Payroll Item List
Click the Payroll Item button (lower left) -> and pick out New
Select the EZ-Setup technique -> click the Next button
Select the Other Deduction alternative -> and click the Next button
Check the Wage Garnishment choice -> click on the Next button
Enter facts about who the money is sent to (this is a QuickBooks supplier), the account wide variety that should be displayed on the test, and the way regularly the money has to be sent in -> click on the Next button after which click Finish.
At this point QuickBooks has created a payroll deduction object in your Payroll Item List called Wage Garnishment. You will probably want to edit this object, changing its name to something extra meaningful – perhaps something like Employee X Child Support OR Employee X CS.

Go to Lists -> Payroll Item List -> discover Wage Garnishment and double-click on it to Edit.
In the Enter Name for Deduction subject (it’ll say Wage Garnishment) simply kind in Employee X CS -> and click on the Next button
For the liability account, make sure which you pick (or create) a sub-account of the regular Payroll Liabilities account – a short trick to add a sub-account proper right here on this window is to first pick the usual Payroll Liabilities account, then click on into the box and sort in “:Child Support” (without the charges), you will at once be advised that the account doesn’t exist and also you should select Set Up; create the account and then select it.
Keep clicking the Next button on the following home windows, changing nothing, until you arrive at the closing window; wherein you will choose Finish.
Adding the Child Support Garnishment to the Employees Record

From the Employee Center, discover and Edit the Employee Android smartphones support
Switch to the Payroll & Compensation section by using the use of the Change Tabs drop-down menu
Click into the Additions, Deductions & Company Contributions segment, and within the Item Name column, select the deduction object, and supply it a quantity.
Each week when you run payroll, the required amount might be deducted from the personal paycheck and sent to the Liability account and may be proven on your Chart of Accounts or a Balance Sheet Report.

To truly generate the check to be despatched to the Agency accumulating the money, you’ll visit the Payroll Tab of the Employee Center and select it from the Pay Scheduled Liabilities section.

I desire you locate this written academic beneficial, in that case, please go away a comment.