Hilariously Stupid Tech Support Questions People Ask 1

Tech Support: Have you pressed Enter? Okay, Good. Now press the letter ‘P’ on your keyboard.
Customer: I don’t see the letter ‘P.’
Tech Support: On your keyboard, sir.
Customer: Huh? What do you imply?
Tech Support: The ‘P’ for your keyboard, sir!
Customer: How dare you? I’m now not going to do this.
Tech Support: (Controlling laughter and pretending to be serious) I was supposed to press the letter ‘P’ on the keyboard.

It is said that Compaq is significantly considering replacing the command ‘Press Any Key’ with ‘Press Enter Key because many human beings call tech news support inquiring about the place of the ‘Any’ key at the keyboard. Funny, isn’t it always?

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Well, this is just one of the many questions that have us thinking about why humans ask such dumb questions. Daily, tech news helps answer some of the questions, from the clever to the dumbest and silly.

Well, this article will enlist several of the most eldritch and silly tech Support questions people ask. Well, this article will enlist a number of the most eldritch and silly tech Support questions people ask. Well, this article will enlist a number of the most eldritch and silly tech Support questions people ask. One study those questions, and you’ll begin thinking about what the caller was questioning while he requested this kind of question. Those who can also have asked those questions might be simply desiring help; however, it still makes one hell-of-a-hilarious list.
Customer: I desire to realize if the new mousepad I offered is well suited to my computer.

I desire the tech news to help man define a mousepad as a non-electronic tool with zero compatibility troubles.
Customer: I was hoping you could replace the espresso mug holder on my CPU right now. It has broken in barely two months.

When the tech support man heard this, he turned taken by the real marvel. After questioning for a quick second,,,, he realized that the patron turned into absolutely referring to the CD ROM tray,,, and became he using it easily to station his coffee mug.

Customer: I want to begin the pc by pressing the foot pedal’s power button, but the laptop won’t start. Can you please assist me?

I can handiest consider the reaction of tech news assist. I can handiest consider the reaction of tech news assist. I can handiest consider the reaction of tech news assist. OMG. This customer turned to pressing the mouse along with his ft, wondering if it was a foot pedal.
Customer: I call to recognize why you have chopped off my provider. I realize my rights, and I am going to exercise them. I realize my rights, and I am going to exercising them. I realize my rights, and I am going to exercising them. So, I haven’t paid my Internet bill for three months—a big deal.

This consumer knows his rights but effectively forgets to pay his bills on time.
Customer: I am typing an electronic mail deal; I have the letter ‘A’ on the keyboard, but how do I get the circle around it?

I can best believe what the negative tech assist govt must have felt like when he heard how the customer changed into discovering the @ sign.
Customer: I am now incapable of getting a printout in crimson coloration. What kind of printer have you ever bought me?

Well, if this consumer has offered a black-and-white printer, it would require a Harry Potter spell to make it print in pink.
Customer: Are you spying on me? How can you see that there is a ‘My Computer’ folder on my computing device?

Another ignorant purchaser is unaware that ‘My Computer’ is a simple folder with all Microsoft computer systems. The tech assistant, the man, turned into no longer spying on him after all.
Customer: I do not recognize why I can no longer print. I have stored the printer right in front of the monitor. Nonetheless, the pc can’t discover it. Every time it offers the message ‘Can’t find the printer.’ I do not know what’s occurring. Are you able to please help me out?

OMG. My coronary heart goes out to the tech help guy who ought to have given this girl steerage approximately why her laptop changed into no longer ‘finding’ the printer even if she saved it right in front of it.

Customer: What do you suggest? Firefox isn’t always an anti-virus. Okay. No trouble. I have any other one referred to as Internet Explorer. Shouldn’t that one work too?

I can only imagine how difficult it would have been for the tech guide man to hold his composure and not burst out guffawing.
Customer: What do you suggest with the aid of am I jogging my printer underneath Windows? I have saved it next to the door because it is a great region.

Someone wishes to read about computers a little more.
Customer: How dare you keep me in keeping with the song directing abuses at me? I need you to alternate it immediately, or I will go to e-book you for slander.

I suppose this purchaser needs to either be paranoid, or the tech assistant man needs to have saved him from keeping forever. So much so that he commenced assuming that they had been hurling abuses at him through the holding track.
Customer: How regularly do you need me to read the bar code in the front of the pc? I said already it reads a large bar, little bar, skinny bar, fats bar, big bar …

This one did not realize that the bar code came with printed numbers.
Customer: AA message that says, ‘Type for your final call has now popped up.’ How do I spell that?

In sheer confusion, the customer forgets how to spell his name.
Customer: Will setting a new sound card make the Internet run at a faster speed?

If this were viable, we’d have stored so many greenbacks, and life would have been much easier.
Customer: What do you suggest? I want a Macintosh to put in OS eight.5. Can’t you do it by changing windows on my gadget?

Someone, please explain the primary difference between a Macintosh and a Microsoft Desktop to this client.
Customer: I have bought a stolen Macintosh which failed to include the software program and cables. It nevertheless has six months of assurance. Can you please ship me those? Can you please ship me those? Can you please ship me those?

This customer must be offered for his honesty, persistence, and, of the path, audacity.
Customer: I need to make a phrase report. Can you please inform me what program I should use for it?

The answer lies in the ‘fundamentals’ study the ‘fundamentals.’

Customer: How do you anticipate me to remember a hard consumer call like ‘jackdean62’? I will write it down.

I know how hard it’d be not to forget Jack Dean 62 as your call, mainly if it’s miles, your name, and delivery.
Customer: I am urgent Ctrl-Alt-Del in step with your commands. However, nothing is taking place. Do you believe you studied turning on the computer will assist?

Please tell this customer it’ll only respond if the energy is on.
Customer: Do I place the serial variety inside the box that says ‘serial quantity,’ or do I put it inside the container that announces ‘agency’?

Why do clients complicate easy topics for tech aidmen? The serial range goes in the space that reads the serial number.
Customer: I have been sitting and ready over here for over an hour with the Internet pronouncing that I am linked. When will it do something?

The Internet now has a mind of its own, and it will your thoughts and operate on its own. WOW.
Customer: Can you please trade my consumer ID? I don’t know why you made it obligatory to have it ‘Case Sensitive.’

When the disclaimer reads that the person ID is case touchy, it no longer suggests that you have to place it as ‘Case Sensitive.’
Customer: My device clock is strolling 15 mins at the back. Do you believe you studied, which can have caused the network to sluggish down too?

Eureka, now we realize why our network runs sluggishly.
While we are locating those questions weird and funny, the tech assistant men should maintain steady composure and no longer supply into the urge to laugh out loud. You realize stupid tech help questions humans ask, the chorus from asking such queries yourself. This is the least we can do for the tech guide men, who must address such calls every day.