Hong Kong Airport Arrival Procedure during Covid-19 1

Hong KongThe Hong Kong International Airport is a major international airport in Hong Kong. Skytrax has ranked it as one of the world’s top 10 airports for five consecutive years, and it was named “Best Airports Worldwide – Asia Pacific Region” at the World Travel Awards 2016. The HKIA serves more than 50 million passengers annually, making it the busiest airport in Hong Kong. In addition to its passenger services, the HKIA also provides cargo handling facilities and airside logistics support. The HKIA operates under the purview of the Civil Aviation Department, which is responsible for aviation safety regulation, licensing, certification, training, operations management, customer service, marketing, and public relations.

In light of the coronavirus outbreak’s current situation, the Civil Aviation Department will implement measures to ensure that all travelers arriving from mainland China are screened before entering the terminal building. These screening procedures commenced on Monday, February 23rd, 2020. All travelers must have their travel documents upon arrival.

Hong Kong Airport Arrival Procedure during Covid-19

When you arrive at Hong Kong international airport, you will go to the

Immigration hall

Immigration hall will be an official asking if you have any symptoms or recent contact history with anyone diagnosed with Coronavirus. If so, they may request further information about your health status. You should provide this information immediately. They will then take your temperature using a thermometer. This procedure can only be done when you step into the immigration area. Please note that you cannot leave the immigration area until after completing the process. At the immigration hall, you will need to fill out a form called “Arrival Form.” There will be two lines – line 1 for those without fever and line 2 for those with fever. Line 1 requires less paperwork, but line 2 needs additional documentation, such as medical certificates. Please make sure you bring these items along with you:

1) Passport;

2) Proof of identity card issued by HKSAR Government, e.g., SAR ID card, National Registration Certificate, etc.;

3) Original copy of visa ;

4) Medical certificate, if required;

5) Photocopy of proof of accommodation.

Baggage Reclaim

Please proceed to the Baggage Claim Area if you wish to reclaim baggage. BCA opens daily between 0700hrs and 1800hrs. For security reasons, bags will not be accepted outside these hours. When entering the BCA, please follow the instructions given by staff members. Staff members will assist you in locating your bag. However, you should keep track of them throughout the day. Once found, you will receive a tag number. Your bag will be scanned automatically once every hour. After checking, you will get a receipt showing the time and date of the scan. Some of the instructions you need to follow include

1) Keep your luggage within reach while waiting for your turn to claim your bag;

2) Do not open your suitcase unless instructed to do so by the staff member;

3) Make sure your belongings remain inside your suitcase;

4) Place your handbag over your shoulder ;

5) Take care of your personal effects, including money, credit cards, passport, mobile phone, keys, etc.

Customs & Excise

This is the place where you pay duty. The amount depends on what goods you bring into Hong Kong. Customs officers also check whether you have anything illegal. They may confiscate it. If you find something suspicious, you should inform customs officials right away. Customs & Excise Officers will inspect your luggage thoroughly. Please remember to declare everything you bring into Hong Kong. Items that require declaration include :

1) Cash ;

If you carry cash exceeding HK$10,000, you must obtain a Declaration Receipt from the officer at the counter before leaving the airport. A Declaration Receipt is a document that shows how much cash was declared and its value. Would you mind ensuring that all currency notes exceed HK$100 bills? All other currencies are acceptable. You can use the following forms to communicate cash, such as Currency Exchange Note

2) Gold jewelry;

If you have gold jewelry worth over US$20,000, you must report it to the Customs Officer upon arrival. This is important because you might face problems later if you fail to declare it.

3) Firearms and ammunition ;

Firearms and ammunition are prohibited in Hong Kong. Any guns found in the possession of passengers arriving from mainland China will be confiscated. Shell is subject to import restrictions. You should contact the Department of Justice, Immigration Department, or Police Force immediately after discovering any firearm or ammunition.

4) Tobacco products ;

Tobacco products are strictly prohibited in Hong Kong. If you discover tobacco products in your carry-on luggage, they will be seized. However, if you are traveling with cigarettes purchased abroad, you don’t need to worry about this issue. Cigarettes bought overseas are exempt from tax under Article 10 of the Import Duty Ordinance.

5) Alcoholic beverages ;

Alcoholic beverages are banned in Hong Kong. Liquor bottles containing alcohol imported from Mainland China cannot enter Hong Kong without prior approval from the Director-General of Food and Environmental Hygiene.

Arrivals Hall

The arrivals hall has been closed since March 16th, 2020, due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Passengers who arrive via Cathay Pacific flights will instead go directly to immigration counters. This has caused some confusion for travelers. For example:

1) When does one get their baggage?

Passengers who arrive on the Cathay Pacific flight will receive their bags when they exit the plane. The baggage claim area opens 30 minutes after landing.

2) What happens if I miss my connecting flight?

Cathay Pacific operates two connections between Hong Kong International Airport and destinations outside Hong Kong. One type connects through Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, while another connects through Zhuhai Jinwan International Airport. Both routes take approximately 2 hours. There are no direct links between Hong Kong International Airport and either airport. Therefore, passengers who missed their connection could not rebook onto an alternative flight until 24 hours after departure time. We recommend booking additional travel days in advance to avoid missing out on your onward journey.


This article has given you a brief guide on Hong Kong Airport Arrival Procedure during Covid-19. We hope this information helps you prepare better for your trip to Hong Kong.