How to Choose a Mobile Phone Signal Booster 1

These days, we are dependent on smartphones for almost everything, including our business. Smartphones are replacing PCs and becoming a preferred computing solution. But all the potential of this technology is dependent on the strength of the mobile signal. If a user cannot connect due to weak signals, then this technology is considered meaningless.

Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Luckily, there are mobile phone signal boosters available, which ensure the strength of the signal. If the signal becomes weak, the signal booster catches the outside signal and amplifies and broadcasts it in a location with no or weak signal. This process uses an internal antenna, an external antenna, and a signal boosting amplifier.

1. Coverage Area

Signal boosters are of different types depending on the area they cover. So you need to examine whether your whole home suffers from weak signals or just a particular area. Also, check for the areas having no signal. Mostly, signals become weaker in the basements.

So there are boosters that are designed for the entire home or just for a particular room. For home, the best signal booster has a maximum gain of 72 DBS

2. Cable Length

Signal boosters for homes have two coax cables, one is long, and the other is short. The longer one connects the antenna to the booster, the shorter one connects the signal booster to the inside antenna. Cord length is important because, for every 100 feet of cable, the strength of the signal decreases up to 3.9 dB

3. Antenna Type

For cars, there are several types of outside antennas available. They need to be installed permanently, so they should be selected after studying properly to suit them best. For urban and suburban areas, omnidirectional antennas are best suitable. They can send signals in all directions.

For indoor installation, dome and panel antennas are used.

4. Cell Phone Signal Strength

The supplier usually asks about the cell phone’s outside signal strength where the booster is to be installed. To measure the strength of your outside signal, put the phone into field test mode. It will tell you the actual decibel reading. Also, check whether the network is 2G, 3G, 4G, or LTE. It will help choose the right signal booster.

5. Vehicle Wireless and Cradle Boosters

The quality of the booster is dependent on your willingness to spend. A cradle booster is cheaper than a wireless booster, and it only supports one phone. Wireless booster being a bit expensive supports multiple callers, and allows you to use the phone normally.

6. Performance

The Federal Communications Commission has regulated the performance of a cell phone booster. According to FCC, the maximum noise power of a fixed booster shall not exceed -102.5 dBm/MHz, and for a mobile booster, it shall not go beyond -59 dBm/MHz.

These are the considerations that you need to study while choosing a mobile phone signal booster. If you don’t have much knowledge, then contact a company providing telecom communication solutions. They can suggest and provide the product best suitable for your needs.