How to Choose the Right Bunk Bed 1

Do you struggle with space in your children’s room, or the huge almirahs and the study tables makes it difficult for you to fit a big bed in the rooms? Bunk beds might help you to end this struggle. These stable beds don’t just mean that your kids can have a good night’s sleep but also give them a fun place to play around with. With such beds coming in multiple materials, styles and bodies, it becomes difficult to understand which of the bunk bed might be the best suit for your home.


The double beds can be arranged in multiple fashions, according to the layout of the rooms. These bunk beds not only would be perfect for your children but could also host multiple guests or friends crashing to your house. So look out for these features in the bunk beds before selecting one.

The Sizes

If affordability is your concern, a twin over twin bed is the best choice to go for. Another form of bunk beds, like full over full, might acquire a lot of space in the room. So, if the spatial constraint isn’t your concern and you want a comfortable and bigger bed, a full-on full bunk bed could be the thing for you.


However, if you want both the benefits and something between the two extremes, a twin over a full bed could be the best for you.

Going up

Either a ladder or a staircase might connect the lower and upper bunk of the beds. It might become difficult to hold your grip on the ladder and make it difficult to climb. A staircase, however, makes it easier to climb the top bunk and much safer. Even a sleepyhead, after a great night’s sleep, might be able to climb down the staircase easily. On the other hand, constructing a ladder involves much fewer materials and efforts, making such bunk beds cheaper.

It is usually advised to buy bunk beds with a staircase for small kids, and for teenagers, the one with the ladder might do the drill.

The multiple guests

A bunk bed with a trundle feature greatly increases a room’s sleeping capacity about the space occupied. So, if you host a lot of guests over the weekends, a trundle bed might give every one of your guests a comfortable sleeping space. These might also be chosen if you have a third kid. Although this compromises with the storage space of the bed still might prove to be economical.

The storage drawers

If your almirahs are not enough to hold all your clothes, getting a bunk bed with storage drawers at the bottom could be a great option. These compartments remain concealed below the beds and help you to put the extra accessories you hold in that space. If you need a sitting space and a bed in a small space itself, going for a futon bed might make sense, as you get the twin benefit of a bed and a comfortable sofa in the same space.