If you’re building a new kitchen or even renovating your existing one, there are multiple decisions to make, and all of those require serious thinking. While tiles and countertops may be your foremost priorities, the kitchen cabinet doors, too, need an equal amount of attention. The kitchen cabinet will reflect your personal choice and style, while the tiles and countertop may be the most attention-catching aspect of your kitchen.

right kitchen cabinet doors

To make a better decision, you must know about the various kitchen cabinet door styles popular in this day and age. Here are certain types of kitchen cabinet door styles :

Raised panel

Using the raised panel style of kitchen cabinet doors can help add dimension to your kitchen cabinets. In this style, the middle panel is raised, and the carved edges surrounding this raised panel adds visual detail and depth to the cabinet, adding to its perfect look. The raised panel style of kitchen cabinet doors remains in trend and is often referred to as the classic kitchen cabinetry type.


The mission kitchen cabinet door style is an extremely popular and an all-time favorite option for most people. It is suitable for almost every type of kitchens as it has clean lines. It has a flat, framed center panel inset. However, the center panel can be replaced with glass if you’re looking for added beauty and appeal. The mission style cabinet doors can largely owe their beauty and splendor to the natural grain of oak and the wood coloration. The mission type kitchen cabinet doors blend with almost any change you’d make to the kitchen and hence never go out of trend.



Much similar to the raised panel and mission style, the shaker style is a popular option of kitchen cabinet door styles to choose from. It has a wide wood frame surrounding the flat central panel and outlining the door. While immensely similar, the mission style door emphasizes the cabinet door’s strength and has added vertical lines and slats, whereas the shaker style has a softer look. The mission-style kitchen cabinet doors are usually made from oak, while the shaker style is made from maple, walnut, or cherry wood.


You must prefer to install the beadboard style of cabinet doors if you are looking for your kitchen to exude the countryside’s vibe and charm. If the rest of your home has beadboard paneling, the kitchen cabinet doors must have the same style.

Arched Cathedral

In this type of kitchen doors, an arched style frame outlines the central raised panel. While the raised panel doors are used for lower cabinets, the arched cathedral doors are paired with them to form the upper cabinets.

You must now be sure of which type of kitchen cabinet door do you want in your kitchen.