There are several types of water nozzles that you can use with your pressure washer. Each of these work differently on different surfaces. Depending on the area that you need to clean as well as the kind of dirt you need to clean, you can choose from a variety of nozzles that are available in the market. Listed below are the different kinds of nozzles as well as their functions-

  1. Red coloured zero degree nozzle- this type of nozzle directs a concentrated yet small stream of water at the part that you want to clean. The surfaces that it can be used on are concrete and metal especially to remove stains and dirt. This type of washer nozzle should not be used on soft surfaces such as wood or siding as it can damage them
  2. Yellow coloured 15 degree nozzle- this type of nozzle can be used on almost every kind of surface especially for cleaning off dirt or mold or maybe even old, dried up paint. Once you use this nozzle to clean off the surface, you can then repaint over or polish it
  3. Green coloured 25 degree nozzle- this kind of nozzle can be used to clear larger surface areas such as driveways and decks to remove contaminants such as dirt and mud. The wide reach it gives allows for the area to be cleaned faster
  4. Black coloured nozzle- this type of nozzle has a very specialized function as it is only used to apply detergents on things that you need to clean
  5. Rotating nozzle- rotating nozzles are usually only sold as accessories to Mi-T-M pressure washers. The water that is released from this nozzle rotates in a circular motion at a high rate of 5000-9000rpm of cleaning power. The immensity of the power allows you to reduce your time invested in cleaning by half. Additionally, it has a span of 15 degrees, allowing you to access more of the cleaning area with less effort.
  6. Long range detergent nozzle- like the rotating nozzle, this nozzle is also sold as an accessory that is used especially to apply detergents. This has more range than any of the other nozzles and can reach up to 30 feet, making it the best way to reach out of reach places that are high above

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