How to write a great essay 1

Give students the option to purchase term papers or write an essay themselves. Many would choose the former. For ages, essay writing had seemed like an impossible task for many students, be it an essay for scholarship opportunity, contest, or fulfill the academic requirement of a course. But that shouldn’t be the case because essay writing is an opportunity for students to showcase their creativity in writing. So, if you are partaking in an essay that involves others, your focus should be on how to stand out from the crowd. Here is how you can draft a compelling piece that will earn you some good marks.

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1. Choose your topic wisely

Sometimes, you may be given a topic by the grader. But if you are lucky, you may have the freedom to choose a topic within the course scope in question. Having such freedom is impressive and could help you draft a compelling essay in the end. You can choose any topic of your choice, most especially interesting and has enough material you can use.

Tips on topic selection

• List out more than one topic, so the chances of your professor approving your point (from the ones provided) would be high.

• Conduct in-depth research on the selected subject. You can do this before pitching your ideas to your professor. Your inquiry will also help you discover if there are available materials for the chosen topic.

Know the purpose for which you are writing. Will your essay be informing or persuading readers?

2. Sketch your outline

After selecting your topic, the next thing to do is to create an online, which are the thoughts and ideas in your head. This stage also involves a little bit of research. Of course, you can’t give what you don’t have. So, conduct research, read the material, and focus on each paragraph. But engage in light reading, so you don’t end up spending too much time at this stage.

You can use a diagram to sketch your idea or list the main points underneath the selected topic. Whichever way you choose, know that your outline is critical for you to create a successful essay. It is the foundation of your paper.

3. Add diagram and images

When drafting your essay, consider where images and diagrams would fit in. You need to include any information or detail that will make your paper as informative or persuasive as possible.

A picture says a thousand words. And using one appropriately will not only benefit readers but make your piece more concise. In other words, there would no longer be a need for you to use too many words to express your points.

4. Add academic citation plus bibliography

According to assignment geek, an academic citation is significant in essay writing. But this time, you need to show your graders that you mean business by adding the entire academic citation, including the bibliography. Even if it wasn’t requested, adding it to your paper will make readers, including your professor to see you as an intelligent and hardworking student.


An essay is not as difficult as many students view it. The only issue is that most of the time, students don’t have much time on their hands to sit down and work on their papers. But as a student, know that you can draft a persuasive essay that will give you the grade you deserve. The tips above will help you in writing one