If you are computer savvy, you must be having a good understanding of what is software and what makes it different from the term hardware. Any functional computer requires three things – hardware components, software programs, and a compatibility between the two. Don’t mistake software with the soft components of a computer. Everything you can see or touch, be it the keyboard or a chip inside the CPU, is a hardware component. In general terms, software is used to describe computer data, procedures or programs that perform some tasks on the computer system.

Best HP Software
Best HP Software

Software can be classified broadly into three categories:

System Software

These are the software programs that help to run the computer system and hardware. Operating systems, diagnostic tools, windowing systems, servers, device drivers, utilities, etc., come under this category of software. The basic purpose of system software is to provide an interface between hardware and other software components. They simplify the complicated system hardware features and convert them to easy-to-understand form Give Sunlight.

Programming Software

Programming software helps the users to write computer programs. A programming software may be an organized combination of some or all of these tools – text editors, interpreters, compilers, debuggers and linkers. The most recent development boasts of the software bundles that merge these tools with the help of an Integrated development environment (IDE). Such merging makes programming easier for the user, usually by providing a Graphical User Interface (GUI).

HP Application & Software

Application software includes programs that help users to perform one or more tasks (computer related or non-computer related). The category includes Business Software, Networking Software, Operating Systems, Software Utilities, Utilities Software. This class of software programs finds extensive use in the businesses.



There are application software programs that are built for general use, and all you need to do is to purchase a license for using it. On the other hand, some business organizations are ready to pay huge sums to get software programs designed specifically for their use. Offices and other large organizations require networking software to connect the computers of their staff into networks. Judicious implementation of software programs can enhance the efficiency and organization of an organization. Apart from being useful to the businesses and other large institutions, software programs are also greatly demanded by individuals for personal use.