The IELTS Exam and the Importance of Paraphrasing 1

If you are a resident of a country where English is not the first language and want to study in a country abroad, then the chances are high that you would be required to take the IELTS Exam. It is also a requirement in some professional job fields as well. Cracking this exam and getting a good score thus becomes extremely important.

You can learn certain skills to propel your score towards success, and one of them is paraphrasing. It can be beneficial in the four major tasks that you are provided in the IELTS Exam.

So, what is paraphrasing exactly?

IELTS ExamParaphrasing is a way of reformulating a given set of words, in written or oral form without changing the sentence’s meaning (s). For example:

Original Sentence: Brian Taylor was famous globally for his ice cream. Children and adults used to love eating it.

Paraphrased Sentence: Brian Taylor’s ice cream was loved by everyone, irrespective of their age, all over the world.

Listening Task: The listening task can be quite tricky with all of the attention that it demands, after all. It majorly aims at testing your language skills through lexical foundation and knowledge of grammar. Your listening skills need to reflect these and be aided by these as well. Paraphrasing becomes important as it would help you comprehend the exact meaning of what is being spoken and make sense out of it. Further, in sections 3 and 4, which consist of academic audio material, you need to be extremely alert as the language is complex. Knowing how to paraphrase can help you decode the complex academic jargon easily.

Reading Task: As compared to the listening task, the reading task involves more use of paraphrasing. With just an hour to answer 40 odd questions, you need to grasp the different passages’ contents real quick. Be it the completion of sentences, summarisation, labeling, multiple-choice questions, or even ones that require matching the different items, paraphrasing can help you do this faster. Paraphrasing can help you shorten the passage, and then, you need to refer to the paraphrased passage to get answers to all your questions. You can save a lot of time with this small but significant skill.

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Writing Task: You can employ paraphrasing in the Writing Task majorly in the introduction and the conclusion of your essay. In your introduction, you can paraphrase the topic and prepare a good thesis statement that would include all the major points of your essay. For the conclusion, you may rely on the repetition technique and paraphrase the thesis statement.

The IELTS Exam and the Importance of Paraphrasing 2

Speaking Task: In the first and third sections, you need to answer about many topics. To answer the questions that follow, you can easily paraphrase the question itself with your answer. This would help you frame your answer really well. In section 2, you can again paraphrase the title given to you as part of your introduction and then proceed with your main arguments. This would provide you with a decent delivery and fluency in the language.


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