Bathroom renovations add value to your house and update its style. You can opt for various features that can suit your current needs. You can choose to remodel your bathroom if you have an old-style bathroom or you have just shifted to a new house whose bathroom style doesn’t match with your choice.

Homeowners consider renovating bathrooms more than kitchens

because space is smaller compared to the kitchen making the job easier. It reduces the expenses involved, for instance, fewer cabinets and countertop, less flooring and paint etc.

We have discussed below some points for attractive bathroom renovations; keeping the process smooth, efficient, and cost-effective.

Recess for Extra Room

When the space of your bathroom is tight, incorporate recessed toilet roll holders, soap dishes, toilet tanks etc. You can even flatten the ceiling light by installing recessed lights.

Toilets that have hidden storage tanks such as water storage vessel mounted inside the wall have many benefits. These designs can save space and low-flow models help save water every time you flush.

These types of styles are opted for all bathroom types of modern and contemporary decor. But you need to take care since the routine maintenance can be difficult.

Address Bathroom Ventilation

It is important to have some kind of ventilation for your bathroom, be it specific sized windows or in the form of an exhaust fan. It helps in the flow of air so that your bathroom doesn’t remain humid after bathing or cleaning; otherwise, it will dampen your walls and increase the risk of growing molds.

Pick the Right Flooring

You will have tons of flooring to choose from for your bathroom. Choose small, textured shower tile for safety as the extra grouting will keep your feet from slipping once the floor gets soapy and wet. These tiles are easy to clean and keep away the molds.

Flooring wooden floors must be avoided for bathrooms instead of that choose hardy floors. You can opt for ceramic and porcelain floors.

Plumbing Pipes

Make sure to check for the proper working of old pipes, and if there is a need for replacement or adding new drain pipes, you must contact the plumbing company that can help you install drain pipes that will improve the quality of drainage in your bathroom.

Use of easy to open and close faucets and compact washbasin above recessed cabinets to make your bathroom look more spacious.

Improve the Lighting

Bathrooms tend to have a little access to natural light, make sure you have proper lighting in specific areas such as near the mirror and bathing area.

While remodelling, replace or add lights to improve the functionality and mood of the space. Use recessed light in your mirror that will give you best light when you are doing your hair, applying make-up, or shaving.

You can make use of dim lights while bathing that will set the right mood, and you will feel relaxed.