Indian tech firm launches anti-fraud examination software in Singapore 1

Today, an Indian generation agency released a software program in Singapore to save you from dishonesty and fraud in examinations.

Bengaluru-based Mindlogicx Infratec Limited claimed that the software program is the primary of its kind globally.

‘ IntelliPAD’ releases questions at some stage in a specific time, disposing of the threat of leak that often mars examinations, its founder and leader govt Suresh Elangovan said.

He said the software, conceived in Bengaluru, designed in Silicon Valley, and made in China, might be marketed globally from the business enterprise’s Singapore office.

Indian tech firm launches anti-fraud examination software in Singapore

It uses biometric and encryption technologies to overcome an international rise in examination malpractice consisting of query paper leakage and candidate impersonation.

The software encrypts the question paper on clouds with getting admission to best via fingerprint of those performing in the assessments, Elangovan stated.

He said that the question papers, which might be introduced “Just in Time,” appears on the screen for an exact time duration.

“We see the strong call for IntelliCAD, for the reason that academic institutions are switching to pc-based totally systems, with I-PAD being one of the major gear,” Elangovan said, adding that timing is vital for excessive-stake examinations and checking out of top-degree control executives in corporations.


The organization, engaged in developing training-associated software for over a decade, is putting a worldwide era delivery center in Singapore so that you can appoint about 60 people.

What Is Payroll Software? Singapore Payroll Basics and Requirements

The payroll software program only computes employee salaries each month. The employee may be paid an hourly rate / every day charge/ monthly fixed salary. The worker may also have a few monthly additions and deductions like additional time pay, daily allowances, develop price, scientific declaration, special allowance, etc… And the employee’s unpaid leave, lateness & early leaving income needs to be deducted from his profits.

Every month the payroll software must generate the employees’ payslips. And payroll software should have beneficial management reviews like Monthly Salary Summary Reports, Overtime Payment Reports, Taxation Reports, Yearly Summary Reports, and Monthly Reconciliation Reports.

And one-of-a-kind countries have their computation for taxation & provident budget. So the payroll system needs to comply with the neighborhood authorities’ law for revenue calculation.

Payroll for Singapore:
Payroll in Singapore we have to comply with Singapore government regulations as underneath.

A worker who’s a Singaporean / permanent resident of Singapore ought to contribute CPF to the CPF board. The CPF amount accommodates company & employee contributions. An extraordinary percentage of the calculation is based on worker revenue and age. The statistics can be discovered on the CPF BOARD website.

Ethnic Funds: (SINDA / CDAC / MBMF / ECF):
Based on the worker’s ethnic institution, there may be a need for ethnic funds to be contributed by the worker. This contribution amount may be deducted from the employee’s salary every month, and this fund at once goes to the relevant ethnic group welfare. The ethnic budget is SINDA (for Indians), CDAC (for Chinese), MBMF (for Malays), and ECF (for Eurasians). The contribution quantity will vary on worker profits. The records can be observed at the relevant ethnic group internet websites.

This levy must be paid for all employees running in Singapore. Currently, the SDL is zero., 25% for earnings up to S$4500 (as of 2010). The organization should pay this quantity to the SDL board. The SDL board uses this fund to subsidize personnel training programs/upgrade talents, and so on… Usually, numerous schooling publications can be run with the aid of SDL-accepted companies. A company can get up to 90% subsidy from the SDL board while the corporation sends its employees for schooling.

This levy must be paid via organization for the overseas workers working at their company based on the employee skill stage. Currently (as of 2010), LOW / MEDIUM /HIGH tiers of levy need to be paid using the company. The levy amount can be found on the FWL website.

Income Tax:
Based on the employee’s earnings, income taxes must be paid with the employee’s aid. Currently, the Singapore profits tax board makes a mandatory condition that the organization needs to post its employee’s yearly earnings details to the income tax board at once, referred to as automobile inclusion. Various paperwork like IR8A, IR21, IR8S, and APPENDIX-A desires to be submitted based on the requirement.

National Service:
All eligible Singaporean & everlasting residents must pass for the countrywide carrier on request. During the countrywide carrier duration, the government could pay worker profits (MINDEF – Ministry of Defense). The relevant CPF must be paid using the organization.

Leaves – (Annual Leave, Medical Leave, Childcare Leave, Maternity Leave):
There are sure kinds of leaves mandatorily supplied as employee’s gain. Like annual depart (7 days), Medical Leave (14 days), Childcare Leave (6 days for Singaporeans & 2 days for non-Singaporeans), Maternity depart (60 days)

Payroll Software for Singapore:
Payroll software suitable for Singapore must have all of the above functions integrated. In addition to that, an excellent payroll software program for Singapore should have them under extra parts.

Many foreigners are operating in Singapore. Those foreigners having work permit pass/employment pass/expert bypass. Usually, this passes valid for certain years. So the payroll software program should display the remainder while it’s miles due.

Online Bank GIRO:
For employee salaries Writing cheques/paying cash is ancient. The payroll software must generate the interface document to the banks with their employees’ earnings information. Then the bank can directly credit their salaries to their account.

There are corporations having subsidiaries as nicely. So the payroll software must create multiple groups records inside the system successfully, and the reviews should be separated.