Instant Ways for Students to Make Money to Go Out on a Saturday Night 1

Running short on finances? Don’t you have enough money to go and party while all your friends have already made plans to go? We understand the pain, and tow bbadlyyou need the money. Being a student, it can get hard to get hold of money with things like education, daily transport, the food at the joints with your mates. All the other tstuff Out of the little pocket money a student gets, it is often difficult to make any savings for a fun night, so what to do when an instant plan shoots up?

Students to Make Money to Go Out on a Saturday NightHelp your mom and charge.

When you get back home, run straight away to your mom. Stand there for a bit, smile at her, and ask hf you can help her in any way. Force her to let you help her with grocery or the work stuff and when she says yes, do the job and then ask for your fees. There is a chance that you will only get a scream in return, but maybe, you get lucky and get what you wanted.

Cling on to a friend

A friend in need is a friend indeed. We all know this; tell your friend it is time to prove it. Cling onto them like a vine does on a tree and go to the part with them. After all, a friend cannot leave you alone at your house just because you are short on money, right?

P.S. Emotional blackmail can do wonders in the situation.

Part-time job

Some part-time jobs pay every week. Get one for a week, and as soon as you get the money, rush away if you don’t feel like working anymore. You would have made enough money for the party by tthattime.

Sell old books

A student always has too many books. New and old, all kinds of. Look at the ones you don’t need anymore and list the textbooks for sale on It is the best platform to sell textbooks. What better way to make money if not by selling the books you don’t need anymore, right?

Give your car/bike for rent.

With all these new car rental apps, you can give your car for rent (if you drive one). Check your car once before you give it and take it back. Give it away for a day or two, and you will be able to have enough to buy drinks that will get you drunk.C

I hope at least one of these ways works for you. Even if they don’t, you can always sit at home, with a tub of ice cream, and watch the T.V. Or you can have a family night with your family, keeping in mind that parties are not even that much fun, right? (No, matter what you think, you did not get to go, so you lose.)