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Internet Explorer 7

With the current launch of IE7 (essentially pushed out and compelled on you, aaarrrgg), the ones whom used IE6 as a FTP client will observe some adjustments and troubles. Right here are the highlights of the adjustments:


* The URL syntax with embedded username and password

(ie. [ftp://usr:pswd]@ftp.domain.com)

And similar syntax is no longer supported.

* as a way to “Login As…” there are a few greater clicks involved, and a brand new window need to be opened.

* surely, IE7 itself does not help a non-nameless login at all… you ought to open the website online in home windows Explorer.


1) preserve to open FTP sites the usage of IE7, however in case you want “Login As…”, do the subsequent: click on web page within the higher proper corner, then click “Open FTP website in windows Explorer “. Whilst website opens in windows Explorer, then click on record, Login As… input your user name and password, click go browsing button.

2) you could save some clicks by way of commencing the FTP site without delay in home windows Explorer. There are numerous methods of starting Explorer, like surely beginning “My PC” then kind your FTP URL inside the deal with bar. Like [ftp://ftp.sitename.com], then if you want to logo as, open document, Logo As… and enter user name password, log on button, as above.

3) advocated solution – don’t USE IE OR EXPLORER.

I’ve never appreciated using internet Explorer as an FTP purchaser. As an manager, the troubles due to this have created extra calls to my assist table than every other issue. IE is just about the worst FTP client I will think about. So, what to use? Nicely, there are numerous loose FTP clients that do a mile higher job. The pinnacle that I suggest are FileZilla and CuteFTP free Trial. If you want top class tech aid and are willing to pay for it, I suggest WS_FTP through IpSwitch.

Revel in your FTP!



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