Are you still using Internet Explorer? Did you know that it is very vulnerable to computer virus attacks? Did you also know that there are free alternatives to Internet Explorer that are not only safer, but have more and better features?

Browser Alternative #1: Firefox

The most popular alternative to Internet Explorer is Firefox. You can easily search the Internet and verify that Firefox, although not completely invulnerable to attack, is considered by experts to be much safer than Internet Explorer. Firefox also has features that make Internet Explorer seem outdated. For example, instead of having a new window open for each site you want to easily access, Firefox allows you to “open in tabs.” This means that the new site opens in the same window, but a lining of tabs appears at the top. You can have many sites open this way, and navigating between them is much easier than with Internet Explorer. Firefox may run more slowly on some PCs than Internet Explorer. Download a free copy here.

Browser Alternative #2: Opera

Another browser alternative is Opera. Opera has about the same level of safety as Firefox, but has even more features than Firefox does. Opera allows you to “open in tabs,” like Firefox. It also has a very handy “magic wand.” The “magic wand” memorizes your signin name and password for different sites. When you visit a site, all you do to signin is click the magic wand icon. It fills out the information and signs you in. You may easily import your Internet Explorer or Firefox bookmarks into Opera. Opera runs faster than Firefox on some PCs. Download a free copy here Owner Business.



Keep IE Handy

If you decide to continue using one of these alternate browsers, don’t get rid of Internet Explorer. There are a few sites that will only work with it, so you want to keep it handy on your desktop for those times.

Given the proliferation of computer viruses, and their creator’s drive to continually improve them, it is time to quit using their favorite browser target, Internet Explorer. Try one of the free alternatives instead. Given the updated features of Firefox and Opera, you won’t miss Internet Explorer one bit.