Jewellery Appraisals: Everything Important You Need to Know 1

Jewellery AppraisalsJewelry is a precious possession, and a lot of sentiments are attached to it. But unfortunately, many people happen to lose their Jewellery because of theft or accident like floods or fires. For this, it is mandatory to get the Jewellery appraisal done. It will help to keep your insurance records up to date. Moreover, it will give you a sigh of relief when you know that your Jewellery is protected whatever the situation is.

Many people don’t get the appraisal done and get insurance. Many of the times, it leads to incorrectly valued Jewellery. Just give yourself a thought, if you don’t know the worth of your Jewellery, how will you know if the insurance can cover the actual cost at the time of repair and replacement or not. It can prove to be heartbreaking for you at a later stage when you do not have enough insurance to protect your precious Jewellery. So, to stay on the safe side, get your Jewellery appraisal done before insuring it.

Now, let us have a closer look at what exactly, Jewellery appraisal is and when it should be done. In this article, we will be studying the 4 Ws of Jewellery appraisal, and those are What, Who, When, and Where. These are the four general questions people asked about when told to appraise the Jewellery.

What is Jewellery Appraisal?

In simple words, an appraisal is an official document that is provided by a certified appraiser. It states all the essential details of your Jewellery piece, and its current replacement value is also mentioned. Important information like description of the item, its weight, gemstone quality, metal type, etc., are mentioned in the document. Additional mandatory details include a photograph that indicated the currency used to value the item, verification of authenticity, and the appraiser’s signature.

Who Perform Jewellery Appraisal?

It is the jewelry appraiser who does the task of the appraisal. If you are serious about your belongings and want an accurate appraisal only, get it done by a certified appraiser. Also, make sure that the appraiser is certified by a reputed institution.

When Should Jewellery be Appraised?

The moment you purchase your jewelry, get it appraised. Many of the jewelers provide an appraisal on the purchase but make sure that it is up to date and appraised only by a certified appraiser. Furthermore, get it appraised after every 2 to 5 years. It is so because the cost of gemstone and gold keep on varying. If the market has gone up and your appraisal document shows the old cost, you may have to face loss while getting it insured.

From Where a Professional Certified Jewellery Appraiser can be Found?

The appraiser has to be experienced and well trained to get the best value. In Calgary, International Gemological Laboratories have certified appraisers and strive to provide the best quality services to the client.