The Kenya Red Cross said it had rescued 39 people thus far, while numerous humans were feared to be trapped in thick dust which had spilled over from the reservoir.

Heavy rainfall and severe flash floods in nations throughout East Africa have left extra than 300 humans dead and displaced hundreds of others over the last months — with Kenya and Rwanda the worst hit.

A dam in Kenya has burst its banks after weeks of heavy rainfall, inflicting “big destruction” and killing at the least 27 humans, in line with local media.

The breach occurred inside the town of Solai, that’s approximately a hundred and twenty miles northwest of the capital of Nairobi, overdue on Wednesday.

Regional police leader Gideon Kibunja confirmed to a neighborhood radio station in Nairobi on Thursday that the death toll had risen in a single day to 27 people, even as 40 others were in need of medical treatment in the medical institution.

“The water has precipitated the big destruction of each existence and property. The extent of the harm has but to be ascertained,” Lee Kinyajui, governor of Nakuru county, said in an announcement thru Twitter.

The Kenya Red Cross stated it had rescued 39 humans rapidly after the dam burst, even as numerous people were feared to be trapped in thick mud which had spilled over from the reservoir — spreading over a radius of simply over 1 mile.


Kenya’s Daily Nation suggested neighborhood citizens had heard an “explosion” from the Patel Dam shortly before water started gushing out, sweeping over masses of homes.

Heavy rainfall and excessive flash floods in international locations throughout East Africa have left more than 300 human beings lifeless and displaced lots of others over the last months — with Kenya and Rwanda the worst hit.

Kenya’s authorities said Wednesday that the ongoing torrential rains have killed 132 people and displaced greater than 220,000 people in 32 counties since March. The rainfall and flooding have additionally prevented, or limited humanitarian get right of entry to the various affected areas.

The intense climate comes at a time when the united states of america are likewise looking to address a cholera outbreak as well as a plague of the mosquito-connected chikungunya virus.

Extreme Sports – Dam Dropping

Let me introduce you to the new “recreation” of dam dropping.

Now the very call is sufficient to place an ordinary, sane, feet-on-the-floor sort of man or woman (inclusive of I am) without delay on the alert.

The process is described as a “form of river browsing, more commonly realize as river sledding,” and it entails going “over an eight-meter drop down the dam maintaining wall, descending powerful rapids and surfing the standing waves” … On a plastic or foam sled.

Yep … You hurl yourself off the spill wall of a dam on a chunk of plastic.

Bet you one million quid you cannot guess what state idea up this little deal with.

Oh …

Yes, you are right … The Kiwis.


The identical those who introduced the world to the delights of tying a rubber band around their ankles and throwing themselves from suspension bridges have to give you yet any other way to preserve the clinical profession gainfully hired. They just love their severe sports!

Not content material with convincing crazy tourists to pay appropriate money for the privilege of being was a dangly toy on a string or trusting their lives to a bit of froth; the Kiwis have also dreamed up a couple of other doozies.

One I noticed involved strapping the unlucky sufferer … Er … Vacationer right into a harness inside a large plastic ball. Once its inmate was tightly limited, the ball changed into rolled to the brink of a hill wherein it becomes given a piece of a shove, so it hurtled to the bottom, bouncing off the perimeters all of the banners down. For extra amusing, you can pick to have a bucket of water added to the combination and get a nice tumble rinse at the manner.


That’s not anything … What approximately strapping yourself and two associates into a cocoon while a crane hoists you 40 meters above Mother Earth, then pulling the ripcord to ship you and the aforementioned buddies plunging landwards at speeds of up to 130km/hr? And then swinging lower back the alternative way and then the first manner and then the … Well, you realize enough about elementary physics and kinetic energy to get the photograph and allow me to inform you it is no longer a quite sight. (This little hobby goes by way of the innocuous name of ‘swooping.’)

What amuses me approximately these operators is the way they tout the superb perspectives you get from the systems … Who’s going to provide a rattling approximately the rolling hills, snow-clad mountains, and sweeping vistas while they’re preventing to keep their breakfast in which it belongs and no longer redecorating the spectators ogling from below?