Laser Hair Removal: Everything You Should Know 1

Every girl dreams of smooth and hair-free skin. With other hair removal techniques experienced as annoying and painful, many have started using laser hair removal to eliminate body hair.

With only a few laser hair removal treatment sessions, one can have a body free from hair and wear their favorite shorts and dresses confidently.

Laser Hair Removal

While it is natural to get enticed by the promise of having a care-free and hair-free life, there are some important things you should know before you decide to go for your first hair removal session-

Knowledge of treatment

The treatment’s name may sound intimidating, but it is not as complicated as one might think. It removes hair using energy from the laser, destroying the hair follicle. Once destroyed, it cannot produce more hair.

Some of the most popular types of laser hair removal techniques are – Intense Pulsed Light (for pale skin and light hair), Alexandrite (for olive skin), Nd: YAG (for dark skin), Ruby (for fair skin), and Diode (preferable for most skins).

Requires Patience

Unlike waxing and shaving, laser treatment doesn’t give you immediate results. Only after taking two to three weeks of the first session will you experience some noticeable difference. You have to be got enough patience and wait until eight to twelve weeks before seeing complete results. Moreover, you must ensure that you don’t skip your scheduled appointments as different hair follicles have their growth time duration, and you would need to undergo a prescribed number of sessions to get rid of all.

It can be a little painful.

As previously mentioned, laser hair removal works by sending the light of a laser through the pigment in the hair to destroy the hair’s root; it can cause quick sharp pain on thinner and sensitive areas of skin. New to this treatment and about to start their first session should prepare their minds accordingly. However, some laser experts use numbing creams and have equipment with cooling mechanisms to make the treatment more comfortable for their clients.

With the benefit of not seeing your hair back soon, a little pain is worth it. At least it is better than the pain you face during waxing!

Sun can be envious pre & post-treatment

Exposing your skin before your treatment is a big no-no. Dermatologists recommend not going out in the sun for two to four weeks before attending your first session. The laser used for removing hair is attracted to the pigment in the hair follicle. If you have a tan, the beam will get attracted to the color of your skin, leading to discoloration, redness, and, at worst, burning the skin.

You also need to avoid exercising, hot showers, sunbathing, and sun exposure for a few days after your treatment. This is important to give maximum protection to your skin and save your hair follicles from getting upset right after treatment.