Maltco Lotteries provided a €50,000 contribution to the Accountable Gaming Fund, and moreover introduced the sponsorship of one of the Accountable Gaming Basis Scholarships at the College of Malta.

Maltco Lotteries CEO Vasileios Kasiotakis stated: “Amongst Maltco’s number one pursuits since the very beginning become to introduce to the gaming industry the way to play in a Accountable manner; gamers, sellers, employees, the stakeholders and the majority. The ideas of Responsible Gaming are embedded in all our operational tactics. We thank our network of over 2 hundred partners, all of whom have surpassed the regulatory exams for eligibility, and who get hold of everyday Responsible Gaming education from Maltco. This contribution to the Responsible Gaming Fund allows the Responsible Gaming Foundation to reinforce that paintings inside the wider network.”

Chairman for the Accountable Gaming Foundation, Silvio Schembri, who obtained the cheque of €50,000 said that the inspiration strongly believes that research is vital to the improvement of the gaming enterprise. The scholarships which the Responsible Gaming Basis can be funding thru this donation, will centre on the gaming industries and the development of the person, in an effort to experience gaming only as a form of leisure Graet News Network.



Minister for Competitiveness Emanuel Mallia said: “Gaming is now 10% of Malta Gross National Product and bills for over 5000 jobs. We need stability in this region between improvement of gaming inside the financial system and precise law to govern the industry. Thanks to Maltco Lotteries we’ve support past Incredible five and UBET, they may be great supporters of schooling and Responsible Gaming, we thank them for their continuing assist.”