MCIT gives cellular operators until first week of August to decide on 4G 1

MCIT gives cellular operators

Minister of Communications and Data Era Yasser El-Kady told Day by Day News Egypt that cell operators had been given the threat to study the terms of the fourth technology (4G) licenses till the primary week of August. Through then, they should have determined their positions and answered their inquiries.

The number of mobile subscribers in Egypt amounted to 94.6m by March’s stop. 39m were subscribed to Vodafone Egypt, 33.5m to Orange, and 22.3m were subscribers to Etisalat Misr.

4G services enable statistics to switch at a velocity tenfold to the speed of the third technology (3G) presently used in Egypt.

The Ministry of Communications and Information Generation provided 4G licenses to the four telecommunication operators, Vodafone Egypt, Orange, Etisalat Egypt, and Telecom Egypt, in early June, permitting the needed frequencies for the carrier. The 4G license costs EGP 3.5bn for Orange and Vodafone Egypt, EGP four. Six bn for Etisalat Egypt, and EGP 7bn for Telecom Egypt. 50% of the value will be paid in US bucks.

Then again, the price of the international communications licenses of Orange and Vodafone Egypt reached EGP 1.8bn every.