Microsoft releases KB 3161647, KB 3161608 to restore sluggish Windows 7 replace scans 1

Microsoft releases KB 3161647There was a crescendo of proceedings about sluggish Windows 7 scans for the past five months. The test for Home Windows updates — a simple technique that needs to take a few minutes — has ballooned to two, three, 4, eight, or extra hours for plenty (I am tempted to mention maximum) Win7 customers. Microsoft claims to have sooner or later solved the hassle with speedup patch KB 3161647, but more than one gotcha.
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The month-to-month Win7 patch whack-a-mole has been accomplishing Keystone Kops proportions. In April, poster EP on AskWoody.Com determined that installing two unrelated patches — KB 3138612 and KB 3145739 — could reduce Win7 replace scan instances from hours to minutes. Might also, EP observed that installing a distinctive patch, KB 3153199, also did the trick. In June, the magic bullet came from KB 3161664. Those solutions had one thing in common: they were concerned with changing win32k. Sys. Apart from that, they appeared to be completely random.
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A German website online, wu.Krelay.De, issued new speedup advisories for March, April, Might, and June, all with complicated tables of the downloads that could shave hours off Win7 replacement tasks. Every month there were unique patches.

However, what in reality got my goat: The hours-long waits generally concerned the laptop just sitting there. There was little activity over the internet, and nearly no interest in the Pc, while “test for updates” kept checking and checking and checking. Hundreds of millions of humans have been sitting, hour upon hour, looking ahead to Microsoft’s servers inside the sky to get their act collectively.

Of course, conspiracy theorists took this as one extra signal that Microsoft would not provide a rat’s patootie about Home Windows seven customers. Not many companies might treat half their established person base to such enjoyment.

Here are the two gotchas with Microsoft’s reliable repair:

First, you must deploy last yr’s servicing stack update, KB 3020369, before deploying the speedup patch. Microsoft would not document that anywhere, but numerous reports imply which you want to be set up. Be aware that there had been problems with KB 3020369 triggering a “Degree 3 of 3” grasp. There may be a description and a workaround in my put-up from a yr ago.

Second, Microsoft doesn’t have a download for the Win7 test repair. You could get KB 3161647 most effectively by putting in the update rollup KB 3161608. KB 3161647 incorporates the “repair for a window replace error 0x8007000E on some computers while they are updating” and “a few reliability improvements.” The update rollup KB 3161608 includes four completely unrelated fixes. Are you burdened yet?

This means Windows 7 customers need to set up six unrelated patches that allow you to get Microsoft’s Win7 updating mess untangled — seven unrelated patches if you consist of KB 3020369. If one of these seven patches is not for your liking, sorry, bucko, you are relegated to the 8-hour wait list.

KB 3161608 is the handiest beginning to roll out to Win7 users, so be an affected person if you have not seen it. As exceptional, I will inform you; There’s no analogous patch for Vista customers.

It’s still too early to inform if that is an everlasting restoration, and we might not recognize if Microsoft is constantly the problem till July.

Is it any surprise human beings are turning off automatic updates? Do the maths. Half of 1000000000 Computers times or three or four lost hours in line with the machine — and this from your favorite productivity business enterprise.