Onestep4ward blog's founder Johnny Ward is one of the few travel bloggers in the world claiming to have earned more than a million dollars through blogging.

There can’t be many complete-time bloggers inside the international who rent wealth managers.
Johnny Ward, a 32-year-old Irishman cause on “dwelling lifestyles with passion,” is one.
He is one in all a handful of travel bloggers within the world earning six-figure incomes each 12 months through their running a blog.
In a few weeks he’s going to complete a decade-antique quest to go to every usa in the international, a task he’s documenting on his onestep4ward blog.
An impressive achievement on its very own. That he is been able to earn more than $1 million over the last 3 years via blogging places him firmly inside the “whaaaaa?” class of inspirational own-your-very own-lifestyles tales.
And he appears astonished that so few others are doing the equal.

It’s difficult to inform whether he thinks us office drones are dumb or he has sympathy for our plight. however, he speaks with the keenness of an evangelist who is visible the mild and can’t agree with nobody else is even searching.
“If I can do this, every body can do it,” he says thru Skype from a fashionable -bed rental in Bangkok that he sold outright with his income. “It just takes a bit of notion.”

And he appears to truly agree with it.
“i’ve been extolling the virtues of chasing your dreams and living the free life that you want to live and now not signing up to the nine to five slogs for years,. So it is a chunk disappointing that simplest when I point out the cash does it move viral.
“I understand it — money is critical and I’m grateful for all the attention. But it is a touch sad too.”
he’s regarding final summer season, when business Insider, HuffPo, Forbes and others picked up his $1-million-in-3-years tale.
But what comes easy to Ward doesn’t come smooth to everybody.
His story starts offevolved in 2006, when he left university within the united kingdom and headed instantly to Chiang Mai, Thailand, to train English.
He earned peanuts.
After a yr he moved to Sydney as a sales rep, bloodless-calling clients, and earned $20,000 commission in one month.
Ward speedy factors out that was a one-off — however right here we get our first clue to Ward’s achievement — he’s a born salesman.
“I have no hassle requesting the sector. In case, you don’t ask you don’t get,” he concedes.
Having saved a little cash, and growing bored with the cubicle lifestyles, Ward and to tour. however, pressured to look out his be aware length, he started a blog.
even as touring through Ethiopia he received his first advert.
“A amazing day. I started out posting extra often, and by Christmas i was making about $500 a month.
“Around this time too all the stuff about search engine optimization and hyperlink-building was beginning to take off. By using 2011 i used to be hitting $1,000-2,000 a month and i was starting to understand that this was official, that I ought to definitely earn a residing doing this.”
He launched and acquired greater web sites.
“Sooner or later i was making upwards of 5 figures a month, with the great month being $60,000. That was outstanding. And so I worked out that averaging approximately $30,000 a month, over three years I made approximately $1 million. It is all completely correct and actual.”