In today’s society, we all have those mobile devices that we just cannot live without. Cell phones, GPS, MP3 players, cameras, and hand held games, and that is just mentioning the obvious devices. Each of these has a screen, many of them touch-screens, that is a weak point in the device. These screens become filled with finger prints, covered in dust, and in some cases, scratched permanently.

There is a practical, easy solution to protect your mobile devices from those insults: LCD screen protectors. These protectors are transparent, self adhesive films that are pre-cut to fit your device. Made from high quality materials, they are easy to apply and remove without leaving behind any residue. LCD screen protectors are fingerprint free, and when applied according to the directions, bubble free as well. The three layer technology that produces these protectors are anti-glare, offer UV protection and protects the original color of your device.

LCD protectors of this quality are actually inexpensive to order. A pack of two protectors and a cleaning cloth run about £2.15 (UK) or around $3.55 (US). This makes protecting your device as affordable as it is easy. Customers from around the world are very satisfied with the protection that LCD screen protectors offer.



Using a screen protector is a wise choice. Not only are you protecting your screen from possible damage that will reduce the crispness and clarity of your LCD screen, but you are also protecting you. The anti-glare technology built into the screen protector helps save your eyes from unnecessary strain and stress. We put enough pressure on our eyes; they appreciate it when we use technology that helps them, and so will your optometrist.

We invest hundreds of dollars every year into our mobile devices, from cell phones to games, and most of us do not think of how we take care of them. Make a small investment, apply a screen protector and watch your device last longer and look better than your friends’. When they ask you how you got your device to last so long, you can proudly tell them how a few dollars took care of the device and you.