With the advent of smart-phones, mobile device security has become one of the major concerns – for both owners and agencies manufacturing prototypes and applications for the same. However, as a user, you can keep some basic points in mind which may help in warding off mobile device security concerns. Listed below are some:
* The Devices Themselves – Most heavily user-oriented smart-phones are not well-built on the security front. For instance, the iPhone can be a much more vulnerable device than the BlackBerry as the former is built to enhance usability and flexibility.

* Encryption – Be strict to maintain device encryption codes, especially if you have been directed by the manufacturer to do so.

* Authentication Protocols – Use authentication protocols like passwords and other elements to help maintain a strong level of mobile device security, even if it is stolen or lost.

* Remote Disable Functions – Every other day, one of your friends, colleagues or family members forget heir mobile devices in a cab or forget it on their desk while attending a conference. Guys, take a lesson from them and enable the remote disable function. This allows the mobile manufacturing agency’s staff to disable to remove sensitive data that is stored on your mobile device when it’s lost or stolen.

* Third-Party Apps – Monitor third-party applications. They probably are the most threatening of all, and the open-ended framework of smart-phones makes them all the more vulnerable to such applications.

Apart from these basic steps, you should also keep the customer-care or emergency help numbers at hand. And always remember- as much as a mobile device is a part of your life, it may become a tool against the same if proper security protocols have not been duly installed.

In case you are looking for an established Mobile Solutions Vendor which understands the nuances of Mobile Security and has implemented similar solutions in the past then you may want to approach Endeavor software Technologies. Their Mobile Operations Security Services (MOSS) team reviews the applications on the following parameters and recommends/implements solutions accordingly.



* Security Policy

* Asset Management and Reporting

* Device Provisioning and settings management

* Application Management

* Central console for remote management

* OTA intelligence, troubleshooting, and support

* Device Flexibility

* Backup and recovery