Mobile Devices and Conference Calls 1

Mobile technology means that conference calls are possible wherever, whenever. Mobile conference calling is a godsend if you can not be at a landline.

With companies increasingly having staff worldwide, conference calls on the move are very important. Every Wireless communication network has meant that mobile devices can access a network and communicate from wherever they happen to be or are located. In recent years, the explosion of mobile devices, with smartphones leading the charge, has resulted in a growth in the need and use of mobile conference calls.

Mobile Devices and Conference Calls

Most modern mobile devices allow conference calls. There are mainly two core methods to partake in conference calling on your mobile device, which can be listed briefly as you can use the software on your device to set up a conference call with a few simple steps. You may need to install third-party software to achieve this. This software also offers additional features like a scheduler and contact book. However, it is best to check with your service provider as some networks do not allow conferences to make calls, and it’s software.


The second option is to dial into a conference bridge. Of course, this is not limited to mobile phones; this is the same as through a landline. Several companies offer dial-in conference calling services, and they are very cost-efficient as you only have to pay for the cost of the call.

As landlines lose their market share to mobile operators, we expect mobile conference calling to continue developing and entering more people’s lives.