Mobile Devices Become Powerful Microphones 1

The recent obsession with technology is over connectivity and pairing devices with other devices. Creating a universal connectivity system improves our functionality as users and makes life easier. So, not only are computer and cell phone manufacturers pushing for connectivity, but software developers and producers are doing the same.

Several technological products are useful in our lives, but if some system doesn’t connect them, transferring the information and data we need. Is difficult. To eliminate the complication of connectivity, leaders in technology offer solutions that users need to share anything and everything. Connectivity isn’t just for a cell phone and computer. It’s for professional software as well.


Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal is a dictation software for the legal field that provides workflow solutions. This software is a great tool for legal professionals but is even better because it allows for their connectivity. To use dictation software, a microphone of some sort is needed. However, some professionals prefer using devices they already have instead of purchasing a new one. So, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal integrates connectivity with smartphones.


More people own a smartphone today, especially professionals in any field. So, if they already have an advanced device, purchasing something else to communicate with the software they are using doesn’t make sense. Instead, they want to use their smartphone as the microphone, and now they can. With Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal, professionals can connect directly to the software they use.

Connectivity makes dictation even easier. Legal professionals don’t need to be in front of their computers to create and edit documents. With their smartphone, they can record files directly on the phone and then upload them later. Once the file is uploaded, Dragon does all the work by transcribing the speech into text. Not only does this provide connectivity that professionals need, but it allows them to go mobile.

No matter what type of smartphone a legal professional has, iPhone or Android, Dragon is compatible with both operating systems and provides the tools professionals need to do their job. With connectivity and mobility, legal professionals can cut documentation time and have more time for other tasks. Documentation is tedious and burdensome, but now the right tools are available to make it easier. The tools are available and always getting better. Technology only improves and evolves as time goes on, so this is only the beginning.