1. What is Nifty?

Nifty is index of National Stock Exchange (NSE) which acts as an indicator of performance of the companies Listed in NSE. There are more than 2000 companies listed in NSE but only fifty out of them (Blue chips companies) are responsible for movement in nifty i.e. if performance of these fifty companies would change there would be a change in Nifty too. Some of these companies are Reliance industries, HDFC bank, TISCO, ICICI banks etc.


2. What are Nifty tips and how do they generate it?

Nifty tips are suggestions or recommendations for trading on nifty which tells a trader why, when and what amount should he trade upon Nifty and also when he should exit from the market. These tips consist of:

A. Stop loss- A stop loss is an order to sell (or buy) a security once the price of the security dropped below (climbed above) a specified stop price.

B. Target- It is the price at which you make the profit by selling or buying the security. There are technical analysts and fundamental analysts who extract these tips by analyzing the charts as well as by interpreting the financial statements. There are lots of software which are required in analysis of these charts. Fundamental analysis is better for long term investment whereas technical one is good for intraday trading or short term investment.



3. Why tips for trading?

Tips are required in case when you are not having time to sit and keep patience to stick with monitor or you are a newbie in stock market and have no idea of where to invest your money. Trading tips save you from using your own head in stock trading. When you get the tips/ recommendations all you need to do is to strictly follow the instructions (target, lot size, stop loss etc) given by the tips’ provider.

4. Nifty tips on mobile

Getting tips on mobile is a really good idea because it enables the tips to be available timely moreover you are in a better position to understand and act on a tip because it is in a text format (If you would receive a tip on a phone call it may be distorted due to disturbance in the connection). There are so many advisory companies which provide Nifty tips on mobile through SMS. One of such advisory is Capitalvia Global Research Limited which believes in timely and accurate delivery of Nifty tips to their clients. It provides Nifty calls, Nifty cash tips, Nifty futures tips and NSE recommendations via text messages.