“I become nine years old after I first found out approximately my human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) popularity. Life after that changed into like a curler-coaster wherein I was looking to be glad, riding away thoughts that I had HIV, and seeking to trust that I changed into a healthy character,” says Chinmaya Modi* who changed into born with HIV. “But society maintains bringing us returned to the identical spot, wherein every person turned into stigmatizing us.”

Still a struggle

Social stigma, discrimination and a lack of getting entry to drugs stay the largest troubles for people living with HIV, according to an ‘experience sharing consultation’ on HIV – “Life with a Virus”. It changed into organised by using the American Center, USAID/PEPFAR (the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, the most important and maximum numerous HIV and AIDS prevention, care and treatment initiative in the global), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) to commemorate World AIDS Day, on December 1, in New Delhi.

Since the start of the HIV epidemic in 1981, 35 million humans have died of the ailment globally and over seventy-eight million human beings had been reportedly inflamed. According to the modern-day UNAIDS (The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS) record in 2016, one million people have died due to the ailment.



India has over 2.1 million people residing with HIV, the 0.33 largest range of people with HIV inside the global.

Experts say that no matter the success of the India’s National AIDS Control Programme (NACP) to bring down occurrence and mortality charges, best forty-three% of those affected have access to antiretroviral therapy (ART).

Dr. Naveet Wig, Professor, Department of Medicine, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) says: “Until 2003, antiretroviral therapy drugs have been no longer to be had in India. However, with the collective help of big campaigns led with the aid of activists, the media, health-care professionals and the government, pills have become available in India. Now, the NACP is doing properly. Through the efforts of institutions which include the National Aids Control Organization (NACO), UNAIDS and CDC, things have changed. These institutions should be supported.”

But patients will inform you that get entry to medicines on my own isn’t enough. The discrimination they face doesn’t permit many to even go to a medical institution/dispensary to acquire their drug treatments.

Maria* and her husband were on antiretroviral remedy treatment for 5 years with their kids blind to their illnesses.

She stated: “The ART medicines and its side-effects make my existence so dreadful that I marvel if I could ever be capable of lead ordinary lifestyles without a steady headache and lethargy that the remedy brings together with it. I wonder how my kids will feel on locating that their mother and father are HIV effective. Would that destroy them and cause them to all of the extra prone, or might they be capable of life with it?

“People wouldn’t lose lives and I wouldn’t be scared of dropping mine if there was an HIV vaccine,” she stated, on the workshop.

Reaching out


In a try to bridge this hole, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, in advance this year, released the “Test and Treat Policy”. Here, everybody who checks and is recognized as HIV fantastic will have got admission to ART treatment, no matter their immunity reputation or clinical level of the disorder. HIV ailment management is luxurious and a protracted-drawn technique. What provides for the trauma are the many myths around it. There are many misconceptions about this ailment. You can get or transmit HIV best via particular activities. Most usually, humans get or transmit HIV thru unsafe sexual behaviors and incorrect needle or syringe used. AIDS, a disease resulting from a virus referred to as HIV, alters the immune machine, making it extra susceptible to infections and illnesses. No effective cure currently exists, but with proper hospital therapy, HIV may be managed.

Astrological Choices – Equal and Unequal House Systems

I don’t know if you may inform it or not, however, I’m on an assignment on this collection of articles to offer primary causes for the rudimentary principles of astrology. This is my fourth Astrological Choices article having already supplied tropical or sidereal system, heliocentric or geocentric perspective, and styles of charting available. For this text, we can look at the tropical machine of each identical and unequal houses. I am no longer a sidereal astrologer so please rely on a person who is skilled within the sidereal machine for an explanation of sidereal residence layouts.

The outside of a regular astrology wheel suggests the positions of the zodiac for an unmarried date at a specific second in time, at a particular longitude or range. If any of these four elements, date, time, place by longitude and latitude are changed in any manner, the zodiac positions across the wheel itself will change. No two gadgets can occupy the equal area at the same time so an actual duplication of charts is not feasible except a crew of doctors do something extremely good and that would gift a conundrum to astrologers everywhere. The universe emphasizes individuality and this specificity of birth primarily based on the 4 elements given permits for the distinctiveness provided by way of the universe to be mapped. Within our sun gadget, it takes simply beneath 26,000 years for a pattern to seemingly repeat itself precisely. By that point, we will have moved thus far along inside the galactic spin that no actual duplication is remotely possible. Individuality is the norm; handiest mankind works tough to increase conformity out of individuality.

There are two well-known styles of tropical house systems, same and unequal. The identical residence device divides the 360-degree circle into 12 identical cubicles of 30 degrees every. I don’t know your revel in of life but mine is that life without a doubt isn’t always identical, simply look around you on the sort of opportunities and the rampant inequality. While I can see the cost in any residence device (they could all serve a specific yet possibly unknown motive), I do not exercise the same house approach. One of the exceptional private readings I ever acquired changed into from an overlay of same and Placidus, I do no longer bargain the cost of the same system, but it is my desire to study the unequal.