Plastics in normal life come in many different forms, and it is really difficult to understand which of the forms in necessary for our specific needs. Similarly, this form of plastics not only vary in their names, but they are also dissimilar when it comes to the fact, that how they are made and how they should actually be used in normal life. Not knowing what each of the forms of plastic means, might be a big problem for the customers or the consumers, and therefore, this article is dedicated to explain the difference between two most used plastic containers, the PET Plastic Containers and the PVC Plastic Containers.

The most common type of plastic is PVC, or polyvinyl chloride. PVC is basically a cheap plastic form, which is generally used in constructions and sometimes also used in molding pipes, cables, hoses and material for roofing.

Another form of plastic, which is also widely used in the industry today is, PET, or Polyethylene Terephthalate. This form of plastic is most generically used for packaging foods and other non-perishable things. Unlike PVC, PET is lightweight and is very durable, thereby allowing it to be used for a multitude of products, such as non-perishable supplies and food items.

As we said, PET is very durable unlike PVC. Since, PVC is used as a construction supply, therefore it is very evident that it should be hard and durable. But, on the contrary, PVC tends to break down with the exposure of the UV rays from the sun. No matter what the exposure be of the sun, but PVC pipe will break down, after some time for the exposure. Another disadvantage of PVC is that it also leaches chemical, whenever it is touched with any other substance. Therefore, as soon as the PVC pipe is damaged, it is advised to the customers that they actually throw it away . Most of the PVC pipes are thrown away in landfills or they are incinerated quickly. After being throw away too, the PVC pipes emit poison. Also, burning PVC will emit a gas named dioxin and hydrogen chloride, which is again bad for people who actually stays near the burst.

Since, PVC emit a specific chemical whenever it comes in contact with something other than it, it is not advised to carry food items inside a PVC foil. Not only food items, PVC should never be used for packaging, since PVC changes its state once it comes in contact with the material.

On the contrary, PET is supposed to be durable and lightweight. But PET contains a UV stabilizer which is actually pretty good. PET is also recyclable, which means it’s a green form of plastic. The PET containers, which can be used to have them.

The PET containers are also recyclable and they can be recycled to do something different for instance like clothing. PET also has the highest recycling rate than any other forms of music.

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