Make your next anniversary something to remember by treating your spouse to a vibrant Indian cuisine. Married people usually shy away from going on dinner dates but don’t let that stop you from making efforts to revive your past memories by asking them out for a dinner date. If you and your spouse are interested in trying out Indian food, this is the best time to go for it. You can make the night special by gorging on flavoursome, spicy Indian food, drinks and world famous, Indian desserts.

Here are a few tips to execute a successful Indian dinner date for your anniversary:


Take your time and research sufficiently about restaurants near your place that serve the best Indian food. Research places, food and the timing that compliments your and your spouse’s schedule. Ask for reviews and recommendations from your friends, family or acquaintances, who might have tried Indian food before. Once you’ve shortlisted places, call the manager to ask them about how can they make special arrangements for your special evening. It is advised that you visit the place beforehand once  to check out the ambience and the service.


If you are already living with your spouse, planning an outdoor date could get tricky. You cannot tell them about it yet you have to ensure that they are not busy on the day you planned the date for. Make excuses to make them save the date and not take any projects for the day. Also, do not forget to put reminders on your phone to make sure that you don’t forget about the special day either.


Start maintaining distance with your partner days before the date just to make them feel that you are not planning anything special for the anniversary. Do not completely isolate them as to ruin their mood entirely. Just behave as if you have got a busy schedule for days to come so that they become completely oblivious to expecting any special treatment from you.


The best thing about Indian food is the variety. You will get a lot to choose from and anything would seldom be disappointing. Some Indian restaurants offer in-house special courses which are curated as per your preference. If you are unsure about a meal, feel free to ask your waiter for a detailed description of the ingredients and the way the food is prepared to avoid regretting getting something. Carefully determine whether the place that you have chosen is hygienic or not. Also, the most important thing is to reserve your table in advance to avoid any last minute hassles. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.


Indian desserts are hands down the best. Trust us, your meal would be incomplete without you having tried the rasmalai or gulab jamun. You can also fulfil your sweet tooth craving with some gajar ka halwa. Do not forget to pick a handful of sugar-coated fennel seeds, which acts as both a mouth freshener and digestive aid.