Platteville first to use nonprofit's video archive software 1

A new Colorado nonprofit is touting Platteville because the first municipal authorities to adopt its software program on its own.

In May, Platteville Town Clerk Mary Lee become searching for an answer that would permit the metropolis to preserve posting motion pictures of metropolis board conferences without costing taxpayers an arm and a leg.

Throughout the Open Media Foundation, she got here and the notion it appeared like excellent health, especially because the employer gives its software program freed from price to governments that oversee fewer than 5,000 human beings.

Platteville is a small city of approximately 2 six hundred human beings at the intersection of Colo. Sixty-six and U.S. Eighty-five.


Open Media Foundation offers software to local governments that streamline live streaming and upload videos of public conferences. The software program also permits users to search via archived films using a keyword in either a schedule object or that become spoken within the video of the assembly itself.

Platteville has been using the software because May makes movies of metropolis board conferences reachable to the general public online. However, it isn’t live streaming the board conferences.


Lee said that Comcast became presenting Platteville’s authorities get admission to channel in advance inside the yr; however, the enterprise discontinued provider to the metropolis, leaving residents wishing to observe a city board meeting on the line out of success.

It turned into something that human beings appreciated, particularly the older people who do not want to exit at night time; however, they desired to recognize what became occurring. The town board was always inquisitive about reinstituting this form of provider,” Lee stated in a cellphone interview.

Tony Shawcross, founder and executive director of the Open Media Foundation, stated that the nonprofit concept came about after work the founders did revamping Denver’s get entry to channel in 2008.

“We rebuilt their video transparency tools in a way to noticeably increase the functionality and accessibility at the same time as reducing charges,” Shawcross stated. “YouTube had just started their unfastened live streaming, and that was superior to what they were the use of, and it was inexpensive or unfastened. In 2013 we got permission to do this, and it doubled the number of visitors to their website and charged less than half of what they have been paying before. It worked so well that in 2014 and 2015, we made a version of the software program that smaller governments ought to use and examined it with Thornton and Louisville.”

But Shawcross stated he constantly envisioned that town clerks and others could in the future be able to download the software program themselves, with minimum to no involvement from OMF.

“Platteville is the primary city to set it up without ever achieving out to us. By the time we knew about it, they had been already up and going for walks,” Shawcross said. “I applaud them for doing it because Mary isn’t some tech wizard who is right at figuring these items out. They’re the perfect spokesperson due to the fact they did it by using themselves.”

Lee stated that the town board already had two cameras inside the chambers for security. She introduced one digital camera and a better microphone for sound excellent, and the machine changed into equipped to move.


Primarily, she becomes seeking out a system that might now not require a lot of workers’ team time or troubleshooting because Platteville does not have an in-house IT specialist.

“So commonly after the assembly, I move into the software program that runs our cameras, and I isolate that phase (the assembly), and I shop it to a special format and then a day after today I upload that to YouTube,” Lee stated. “YouTube generates a hyperlink, and all I must do is pass into the Open Media software program and paste in that link and save it.”

What others are doing

Platteville’s adoption of the software could be a precursor to large authorities entities the use of OMF. For governments serving greater than 5,000 and 50,000 people, the machine fees $3,000 in step with yr. Governments serving extra than 50,000 people pay $6,000 per yr.

According to Records Supervisor Mike Ryder, Boulder County uses SuiteOne for their live streaming and video control device at a value of $15,000.

The SuiteOne system is searchable via key-word, but the handiest inside files published along with the archived video consisting of agendas, packets, and minutes, however, now not within the captions of the video itself.

Boulder in October carried out a complete timetable management system referred to as NovusAGENDA, Boulder Spokesman Ben Irwin stated. An issue of NovusAGENDA is a stay streaming and video archive of conferences. While the video device lets in leaping between scheduled gadgets, there is no key-word search functionality inside the video captions. Users can navigate somewhere else on the internet site to look at council agendas, packets, or minutes using the keyword. NovusAGENDA costs Boulder $17,850 in step with 12 months.


Longmont City Clerk Valeria Skitt stated that Longmont recently overhauled its agenda management gadget, software that the metropolis body of workers uses internally to collect facts and agendas.

Longmont currently uses a stay stream and video archive system for meetings referred to as Picton for $15,000 in keeping with yr. Picton only works in Internet Explorer and does permit visitors of archived meeting videos to bypass between schedule objects. However, it offers no key-word seek to function within the captions.

Skitt stated the town would look to update Picton with some other machine in 2018. Longmont has grouped the new agenda control machine, new video control, and a brand new board tracking gadget into one line item inside the price range.

For that combined line item, the town has budgeted $25,000 for a one-time expense for the 3 structures and then $20,000 according to the year for annual prices, Skitt said.

Both Boulder and Longmont also upload motion pictures of meetings to YouTube even though there is no way for visitors to pass to unique schedule objects.

Shawcross hopes that OMF may be useful now not simply to neighborhood governments, however all kinds of organizations that put on public meetings or activities that humans would love to view online.

“Like the Denver Film Festival, that’s not a central authority body in any respect. They’re using our software for panels and filmmaker Q and As,” Shawcross said. “There are lots of makes use of outdoor of government even though our attention as a nonprofit is serving governments and growing civic participation, in particular for underserved and underrepresented groups.”