Facebook these days launched a new update for its Messenger software for Windows 10 PCs and Tablets. The replace comes after successful testing of the new capabilities in the beta utility of Messenger for Windows 10 PCs. The update bumps the app to new version 139.1258.62743.0.
The modern-day replace brings a few new UI adjustments together with other extra functions to the Messenger software. The modern-day update improves the alignment at the seek bar by moving the textual content within the center. The Home web page now has two new tabs namely “Messages” and “Active”. The Active section helps you to recognize the pals or own family participants who are presently active or online to chat on Messenger.

The Emoticons menu has now been moved under from the sooner pop up the menu which regarded on a pinnacle in the chat. Name changes were made to the Photos, films and emoji phase with them now being renamed as “Photos” and “Multimedia Content”.

The Messenger team has however eliminated the emoji section from the menu. The replace additionally comes with the standard set of trojan horse fixes and performance improvements to the utility. The modern-day Messenger Update is handiest available for download on Windows 10 PC and Tablets and is presently stay and you can get it by means of clicking the below Store link.



How To Install Ruby on Rails Mysql2 Gem on Windows 10

If you can’t install the MYSQL2 gem in Windows, you need to download the C-Header documents from MYSQL. Unlike different gems, MYSQL2 calls for direct linking into a number of the local construct files furnished through the library. Unless you’ve got MYSQL installed already, it way you want to download – and reference – this library from the Internet.

The trouble is that for the reason that MYSQL2 gem requires positive files to help it connect to the Internet, the gem uses these to a construct. The error you will acquire will point out “Failed to construct native extensions”. This way your Windows gadget did not have the header documents required for the gem to be established efficiently.

The way to clear up this is to first log onto the MYSQL website and search for “C-Connector”. This is basically the “motive force” for MYSQL, allowing Windows to name some of the pre-compiled functions to help it speak with local or outside MYSQL installations. The motive of this download is to make sure your laptop has the important files to put in the gem.

Once you have discovered the MYSQL C-Connector file, you need to download it on your difficult force. From this, unzip the report and location its contents in your tough drive. You have to put it on a route which has no spaces, otherwise, the setup reference will spoil. A course together with C:/downloads/MySQL-c-connector/files will work first-class. Please be aware you do NOT want to install this – simplest download the zipped archive, we can put off it after the gem has been established.

If you have downloaded and located the documents on your difficult drive, you need to then install the gem again. To try this, you ought to load up CMD and sort the subsequent command “gem set up mysql2 –platform=ruby — ‘–with-myself-dir=”C: MySQL-connector-path”‘”.

This command will reference the newly set up MYSQL C-Connector library documents which Ruby calls for to construct the gem. If you’ve downloaded/mounted it successfully, this has to allow Ruby to put in the specified documents and so on. If a hit, the cmd will explain the gem has been hooked up; if not, it’s going to likely be that you have both downloaded the incorrect documents OR you haven’t got any other essential library hooked up for your machine.

Since Windows comes with no outside libraries, it is necessary to install any required from the Internet. This is one of the motives the general public do not like developing with Windows – in the end, if you’re able to download the suitable header documents, you have to be first-class.

Richard is a veteran Ruby on Rails developer with over 15 production packages. You can see him the way to install the MYSQL2 gem on Windows article on Medium in case you need extra records.

Sometimes the time of year that tinting movie is carried out can have an effect on the quality of the task, in addition to the lifestyles of the tint. If you’ve got decided to have the windows of your vehicle, home or commercial enterprise tinted, you could want to don’t forget the seasonal weather’s effect on the setup. In areas that have an excessive climate, frequently automobile tinting businesses will set aside an area wherein temperature and humidity can be managed.


Since the air is hotter in the summertime, the tint will therapy quicker. On the other hand, if there’s a high stage of humidity or extraordinarily warm temperatures, the job might be compromised. High humidity can impact the way tint adheres to windows. If that is a trouble in your vicinity, it can be great to attend until a time in which the humidity is not any such thing.


The spring is often a suitable time in maximum regions due to the fact it’s miles neither too warm or too cold. You may find in some southern regions that humidity can be a problem. Spring can also deliver rain and in case you are having the home windows of your car tinted and it needs to be executed outside, that may be a trouble. Your expert tinting organization will take all of these factors into attention and give you their fine guidelines so you will grow to be with the first-class result.


The smooth, crisp fall air is exceptional for tinting. In many regions of the country, fall is an awesome time to agenda your expert tinting. There are a few regions that later in the fall emerge as quite bloodless and that could impact curing instances.


In northern states, winter may be a totally hard time to have window tinting carried out. The cold will prolong curing times and snow and ice can restrict the time available to finish a tinting task. It is regularly the case that car tinting ought to be carried out interior a climate-controlled building.

Inclement weather does now not have as an awful lot effect on interior tinting of houses and businesses, but high temperatures or very low temperatures can nonetheless affect the therapy rate due to the temperature of the glass. An experienced tint installer will take your location’s weather into attention when they’re choosing the tint as a way to satisfactory healthy your wishes.