BlackBerry has become very popular among smart phone users. Other than using it for calling and text messaging, users are using it for connecting to the internet, browsing, for emailing, and more. They also get the added advantage of accessing the wide range of blackberry apps. In simple words, an application or commonly called an app is a program with specific features that can be downloaded. These features can include functions like playing games, listening to music, weather, news updates etc. With increasing popularity in the smart phone business and new applications coming out nearly every day, BlackBerry developers have also jumped into the bandwagon and are releasing better apps almost every day. BlackBerry apps come in various types, some of which are free while some others are paid apps. Many offshore development centers are developing free downloadable apps for BlackBerry which is easily accessible on the Internet.

BlackBerry development takes apps to an altogether new height with apps available for almost all kinds of needs. If you are a music lover, custom development apps like Pandora which is more like a personalized radio station playing your kind of music will be there to keep you entertained. For accessing most of the apps, it is necessary to download them from the official BlackBerry apps provider called BlackBerry App World.

Five Popular BlackBerry Apps

· UberTwitter:A very popular free app is the one for accessing the social networking site, Twitter. It allows on-the-go updates apart from facilitating uploading photos and videos.

· BlackBerry Apps World: This is more of a one-stop-store for all BlackBerry apps. Developed by Canadian company Research in Motion (RIM), most of the apps are available for all the BlackBerry devices. The site provides both free and paid versions of apps. It also personalizes your phone in just the way you want it to be.

· Oik Live Streaming: With more people sharing videos online and with access to faster Internet, live streaming has become very popular. Oik Live Streaming in just the right application for BlackBerry users to upload videos while on the move.

· Flixster: If you are looking for an app that gives you access to the latest movie trailers and information on your favorite film stars and films, look no more. Flixster is a free app that allows you to do just this.



· Hangman:If you want to play games on your BlackBerry, then there are many games available to choose from. There is Hangman, the very popular hidden words game. There are various versions of the game available. Pixelated is another popular game where you need to change the colors of the blocks in a set period. It is more of a puzzle game.

However, it is important to remember that with ever-increasing competition in the market for mobile apps, many outsource apps are getting developed every day, each having their own specialty. To keep your BlackBerry updated, you too need to regularly update yourself on the apps coming out in the market. There are many that are being specially designed for you!