If you have several electronic devices in your house or office, there is a chance that you are either already in possession of or are planning to invest in a power strip.

Power Strip

Listed below are some determinants that will help you make a more informed purchase of power strips.

Maximum Amp Rating

The maximum amp rating entails the maximum strength of the electrical current that can pass through the power strip. This reflects the number of gadgets you could plug into your power strip and use it safely. In most cases, most of the power strips that are dispensed in today’s market have an approximate range of 15A, which would mean that you can plug in as many devices as you would like as long as it does not exceed the given number. Before you go forward with purchasing a power strip, note the gadgets you have and plan to use through it. Calculate the aggregate number and settle down on a power strip amp rating that would be the most conducive to your needs. Ensure that you do not exceed the amp rating of the power strip, as it could engender a situation of excessive heat, thereby leading to accidents like fire hazards, accidental shocks, malfunctions, and the like.

Surge Protection

Although there are many power strip options available in the market today, you would have to make sure that you get one with built-in surge protection. The unit of measurement estimates these power surges called joules. The protection of the surge would be dependent on this number, and that would be the protection that it would provide for your devices. The higher the number, the greater the protection. In other words, the number of joules would be directly proportional to the protection it would be able to provide for your gadgets.

It is advisable to get a power strip with built-in surge protection because even the smallest of surges can be detrimental to your gadgets’ optimal productivity and performance capacity. Ultimately, this would shorten the lifespan of your gadgets by a considerable measure. It is recommended that you buy a power strip that furnishes a minimum of 700 joules of protection. If you are using the power strip for more expensive gadgets, like laptops, you might want to invest in something with a higher number, or maybe even an entire household protector.

Number of Outlets

Another parameter that would be influential in your choice of power strips would be where you plan to plug it in. The number of outlets can range anywhere from three to maybe even twelve. However, make sure that you do not use all of them at the same time to minimize the risk of damage or exceed the maximum amp rating of the power strip you would be working with. In this light, it is always better to go forward with a power strip that has more outlets than what you require so that you have adequate room to work with. Additionally, a crisis of outlets could facilitate a situation of daisy-chaining, which in turn is a potential threat of a fire hazard.

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