Pro Tips to Maintain Your Indoor Water Fountain 1

If you want to give your house or office a splendid look, nothing can match the beauty of a magnificent indoor water fountain. You can undoubtedly add water features to your home or workplace to enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Maintain Your Indoor Water Fountain

Exterior water fountains are common, but an indoor water fountain is also becoming popular to create a more relaxing and tranquil environment inside the house. You can install a breathtaking fountain anywhere inside the house, and it will become a majestic centerpiece of your home. The stunning design and sound of water trickling down the elegantly crafted surface will instantly upgrade your home’s interior décor. However, like every other precious thing present in your house, an indoor water fountain also needs a little care and maintenance.

You can keep your indoor waterfalls in the best shape by taking proper care of your fountain and maintaining its submersible pump. So, let’s look at the easy tips to keep your indoor waterfall and preserve its newness.

Avoid Tap Water

Certainly, there’s no major harm in using tap water, but distilled water is the best way to prevent algae buildup in indoor water fountains. It is recommended to avoid tap water because it contains minerals, chemicals, and other pollutants, which may damage and stain your spray over time. Distilled water is safest for water features because it is pure and contains no elements or contaminants.

Use Vinegar

To keep your fountain clean and fresh, add vinegar to the water. You may avoid using vinegar as it leaves an unpleasant odor behind, but this smell will quickly dissipate. Adding apple cider vinegar is the best way to clean your water fountain because its antibacterial, antiviral, and antiseptic properties help kill germs. Moreover, it’s a natural way to clean your spray without harsh chemicals.

Maintain the Fountain’s Pump

Whether you have an indoor water fountain or an outdoor waterfall, submersible pumps are the heart of every water feature. It’s just to take proper care of the pump to keep your fountain in the best working condition. It would help to regularly clean the pump to eliminate the grime layer that builds up over it. You can clean the pump easily by turning it off and following the instructions. Take the pump out of your fountain, wipe it with a sponge, and clean out the inside parts. Although indoor fountain pumps are protected against harsh weather conditions, they must be calibrated to adjust the noise level.

Keep Your Water Fountain Running

It’s best to keep your fountain running all the time to prolong its life. When you don’t turn the pump on and off frequently, it puts less exertion on the machine. Also, when it keeps running, the water remains cleaner because stagnant water will develop debris quickly. Also, ensure you know how often you must add water to the fountain, depending on your climate, home atmosphere, and fountain size.