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UC we media program is one of the biggest companies in china, which is online. And under this, the Indian writers get a chance to write and publish their content for them, and in this way, they even, i.e., the writers, get a chance to earn money.

Only selected writers or those writers who have been chosen by them can now earn 50K per month. They can do that by publishing their content on the UC news stage… So, this is a great opportunity for the writers as they will have to publish some of the other news, and through this, they also get a chance to earn a good amount of money. Now, in this guide, let’s take a look at how it can be done.

Importance of Hindi Contents

You will get 1.5x more traffic on Hindi content in UC news India if you compare it with English. The Hindi contents top the list. There are also many viewers of Hindi content. And one of the best parts is that they are increasing by 350% as compared with English. The English content viewers are only 200%, which you will find on UC news. If you want more news and are looking out for some income, you should write Hindi content and share it.

UC NewsDiverse Niches

Now, there are certain niches also that works much better. Let’s look at it: TV news, recipes, food, tech, Bollywood, and politics. Now, as per the UC news publisher earning/’ content partners, the niches that which are viewed in maximum by the people are in a chronological and juxtaposed way are – Politics which comes first. Next is Bollywood, TV news is also the next one, after which comes to technology, Food, and recipes. Therefore, it’s wise to choose to write content or Hindi content on Bollywood or politics if you want to make more money.

Share RSS Link

Organization or organizing your blog is far way much better than creating fresh content. If you decide to start with the UC news platform, it will be much better if your RSS link is shared with the UC news people and all the articles are published again. The articles will be mostly published on the app networks, so you don’t have to worry about negative comments or criticism. Rather, there will be links to your website on the content you have posted on UC, and it is very much capable of creating some traffic for your published content.

Dos & Don’t

There are certain do’s and don’t that you should follow if you want to make money with the UC browser, our media reward program. UC content team has suspended articles that mention US web firms like Facebook, Upwork, Freelancers, Snapchat, Google, etc. Plus, a host of US-based companies that the UC media will not accept if you mention them on their platform. It would help if you also went through all the article guidelines by Alibaba Inc.

Uncertainty Area

In the articles’ management, you will find that there is a lot of uncertainty and inefficiency. Here, the UC news for the publisher or content team is not very pristine or crystal clear whether they are supposed to approve the content on their platform or disapprove of their platform. The posts that are pending are more than 29, which are there on the dashboard. And no one can tell why they are not being approved or why they are accepted. Plus, you can also apply for the super 1000 UC we media reward program if you want to make money with them.


But many conditions have to be fulfilled before you do that on UC news publisher. They want you to create your profile in which you have or get a minimum of 2000 views on a single content. You should firstly have a monetized profile. You will have to write every sample content or post if you want to apply for the reward program. And after you have posted your content, your content will be judged by the UC people on how far it has been faring on their platform in which they have posted the content. So, you are supposed to write good content.

Best Platforms

UC is a news publisher; earning is one of the best platforms to earn some good money sitting home and simply working online. Many options that UC media has, like the topics in which you can write the content, are also varied and diverse. And as mentioned above, you should strictly write more Hindi content, but that doesn’t mean that there is a bar for you to write the English content. It’s just that there are maximum viewers of the Hindi Content compared to the English one.