Reasons Why Traditional Jewellery Will Never Go Out of Fashion 1

Indian Jewellery has always played an important role in Indian women’s costumes for ages. The charm of jewelry and the charisma of Indian women have always complemented each other. The importance of jewelry in any woman’s life can be determined by the occasions where she receives precious ornaments as gifts from her close ones. And this legacy continues from the time she is born to the time of her grandchildren.


Although wearing this magnificent and traditional jewelry is not a compulsory custom for women, many values are attached to every jewelry item. Thus traditional jewelry can never lose its value. Let us see why traditional jewelry is so important:

The Traditional Jewelleries Give a Royal Look

You might be a lightweight gold jewelry person, but you cannot deny the beauty of traditional jewelry. They might be heavy and gaudy, but it definitely makes a woman look no less than a queen. You might not get even a single traditional jewelry item at the gold locket price, but you will definitely get a royal look.

Preserving History

The art of making jewelry is precious, and it is being practiced for ages. It gained popularity because of India’s royal patronage since historical ages when the right to own the most valuable jewelry pieces had opened war. The huge variety of Indian jewelry is major because of its different regional choices, which vary people’s varying demands from various cultures and lifestyles.

Tribal Roots

The ethnic tribes have conserved the original technique of tribal jewelry design. These were produced out of bone, wood, clay, shells, and crude metal. Tribal jewelry of India is not unique and rich, but it also has a different rustic look. The practice of adorning tribal jewelry still is alive, mainly in the villages. Although contemporary designer jewelry is available in traditional designs, tribal jewelry is still popular among the minority population.

Intricate Designs

The intricate design and the techniques of craftsmanship reflected in the exquisite designs are missing in contemporary jewelry. Contemporary jewelry has its own type of charm, but that will never last against traditional jewelry. The art of making detailed ornaments has been a part of Indian legacy throughout the ages. The patronage under the kings to this art and the craftsman contributed to flourishing the charm of Indian jewelry. With various precious and semi-precious stones studded like emeralds, pearls, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, etc., intricate ornaments are made. Every jewelry variety has its own style, and this uniqueness is still yet to be seen in modern jewelry.

Financial Security

Traditional jewelry passed on as a legacy is generally a part of the family’s wealth. This jewelry can be used to mortgage and take a gold loan in case of a financial crisis. And the intricate heavy traditional jewelry holds more value than contemporary jewelry in terms of money.