Recommendations for a compelling deck to pitch to cell operators 1

The GSMA Ecosystem Accelerator is currently working with the nine-strong first cohort of its Innovation Fund and currently, holds a knowledge consultation providing Telenor head of innovation Vegard Aas, focused on honing pitch decks with a purpose of impressing cellular operators.

Not trying the broader atmosphere to overlook out, the GSMA Ecosystem Accelerator has compiled the top four hints for startups distilled from the occasion to craft a compelling pitch deck for cellular operators.

Know who you are speaking to

Before the assembly, ensure you already know the character you’ll pitch to. This means recognizing their branch, their finances cycles, their objectives, the scope of their sports, and their seniority.

Tailor your pitch thus.

Customize your pitch deck – use marketplace research and statistics; and exhibit research and fulfillment tales.

You can use their – and your – competition as the benchmark.

“Be honest, the cell operator representative(s) would possibly have performed a few studies and analysis to your solution. Therefore, your unawareness or dishonesty approximately your competition may want to encounter as a crimson flag,” become Aas’ advice.


Show what the impact can be for each person and their department.

Come with a price proposition.

Make positive the slide you gift highlights what you’ve got and how it will gain the cell operator.

Come with an Ask

And maybe even multiple. Be clear approximately the provide. Please give them a timeline and/or a price range. Offer them a pilot to extend. Offer them different packages and options.

Online Mobile Recharge: An Easy Way to Recharge Your Phone


The arrival of cellular telephone offerings has delivered a new chapter in the enterprise of telecommunications. Online mobile recharge has also made speaking on the telephone a handy challenge. Phone carrier operators of the private area have usually tried and carried something new to add comfort to cellular customers’ lives. Virtual prepaid recharging cards are being provided by using them on the internet. This pay as you go cellphone cards can be bought instantly on the net, and a handset can be recharged at once with it. Internet telephone recharge is that amenity. This is being run with the aid of most cellular connectivity vendors. This amenity has been liked and welcomed with the aid of heaps of cellular phone clients. The classical technique of purchasing recharging prepaid playing cards from retail stores is still in trend. However, if a handset gets empty of communicating time at a crucial hour, one can’t pay as you go coupon at once. This difficulty has been effectively solved by using net pay as you go cellular smartphone coupons.

Mobile provider operators were launching attractive schemes of the phone speak time and reductions on occasion. When it comes to top off a handset on the internet using online banking or credit cards, we again find appealing offers on domestic pages of websites promoting pay as you go mobile cards. These schemes have expanded website traffic on websites selling vouchers. More clients are filling stability talk time of their accessible phone gadgets via logging into these websites and buying recharge codes via online payments. Professional websites selling cell phone vouchers are being run almost by way of phone carriers’ main operators. Users ought to make a web registration at these sites and verify their phone numbers. The next time they ever need to feature stability on their phones, they could log in to their consumer account. They can choose pay as you go cellular cards of any denomination and pay for it thru internet banking, credit cards, or debit playing cards. After finishing the charge-recharge code, it is provided online to the client by customer support of the concerned smartphone service operator.

Method of buying and including speak time or balance pinnacle as much as a cellular telephone is so clean that anyone can do it. Going to a retail save for buying a pay as you go cell coupons seems tough at some point of overdue night time or being far, far away from the shop. Online refilling of mobile phones also enables when we are on the journey. One desires internet connectivity, and one can purchase vouchers for mobile phones right away. Online cell recharge has made the existence of mobile cell phone users easier.

Mobile Universal Cell Phone Charger – Reduce Waste and Greenhouse

Europe/UK – Mobile smartphone manufacturers and operators, have agreed upon a Micro-USB port as the new fashionable for cellular telephones. By 2012, most mobile telephones will assist the familiar charger in keeping with the GSM affiliation. Members encompass LG, Motorola, Nokia, Qualcomm, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson. Operators that have agreed in clued three groups, AT&T, KTF, Mobilkom Austria, Orange, Telecom Italia, Telefonica, Telenor, Telstra, T-Mobile, and Vodafone.


The reason for this modification? Environmental companies have campaigned for cell cellphone agencies to be crafted from recycled substances. Another solution would be to consolidate the chargers into one to reduce waste. Another push is to have sun-powered mobile phones. The advantages of a widespread cellular cellphone charger? Not having to invite around for the right charger and a 50% discount on standby power intake.

ZTE, China’s largest mobile phone producer, and cell smartphone network Digicel have begun showcasing this sort of product. LG stated it would do away with brominated flame retardants from their telephone and pledged to apply green packaging across its entire line of cellular handsets. Their new sun line utilizes the sun era; exposing the smartphone to the solar for 10 minutes gives it enough strength for a 3-minute call. Nokia sees the discount of waste as the biggest benefit of the initiative; however, it is not equipped to say when it’ll deliver its first universal charger. The business enterprise will provide each familiar charger and widespread charger during this transitional period.

Until a popular cellular smartphone charger preferred turns into available within the United States, a multi-tip ordinary charger for all mobile telephones is the solution.

The common person needs to feed their smartphone normal and a few human beings almost 2-3 instances a day. It makes the experience to have chargers everywhere.