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India is one of the most religious countries in the world, with every religion being practiced in India. India is a secular state, meaning that there is no single religion that is preferred over the other from a legal and government point of view. On the other hand, Hinduism is the common religion among the people with more than 75 % of them practicing Hinduism which translates to more than one billion of the total people in India. Other religions that follow Hinduism are Islamic, Christianity, Buddism, and Sikhism. This comes as a result of the Indian constitution giving its citizens the freedom of worship and religion.

Apart from India being the most religiously diverse country in the world, its religions are some of the most ancient religions. Buddism, Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism, all of them have ties to the subcontinent of India and uptodate, they continue to have a big number of followers.

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This is the dominating religion in India and one of the ancient religions around the world. Hinduism religion emerged in the world for more than 3500 years ago. This religion contains lots of religious practices which differ in practices and consist of different philosophies and various sects. The religion also contains a collection or a number of deitieswhich are manifested in only one supreme Deity called or known as the Brahman. Hinduism is also believed to be a polytheistic religion meaning that its followers believe in a universal essential tenet of the Hindu practice and belief. Hinduism is the 3rd religion around the world with over one billion members of whom 1000 million live in India.


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Christianity religion developed its roots in India back in the first century by a famous Christian missionary by the name Saint Thomas. That gentleman converted most of the Indians in the southern part of the country, and upto date many of them are still practicing Christianity. Christianity religion in India was strengthened and enforced in the second century through the coming of Jewish-Christians whowere recognized as Knanaya people. Roman Catholicism went to India during the time of colonization that begun in the year 1498 when a famous Portuguese traveler, Vasco da Gama arrived in the Indian land. Early in the 18th century, missionary activities were seen to increase and for the last few decades, Christianity is among the most common minority languages in the Indian land. Christain followers are widely spread in the Western states like Goa and in the Northeastern parts such as Mizoram and in the South Indian part.


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Islamic religion was introduced to India back in the 8th century where it contributed more and affected and improved other existing cultures and it molded the world of Indian classical music. Islamic religion in the region is believed to motivate important traditions of the Persian and Arabic languages through literature both religious and secular. According to a recent research, approximately 135 million people in the Indian land follow the Islamic religion. Most of them converted to Islamic in the time of Mughal and most of them reside in the parts of Nothern and Western India.


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Sikhism religion started to enter in the Indian land around 400 years ago. It started to have its roots in the Punjab region. According to a recent study, there are approximately 21 million Sikhs believers who are living in Indiaand most of them live in the Punjab region. Punjab has the largest number of people who believein the Sikhism in the world. This area has the inherited homes of the Sikhs. A big number of the Sikhs have believed to have served in the Indian army. The most popular Sikh Temple in the Indian land and the entire world is the Golden Temple in Amritsar.


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Buddhism is among the minority religion in the Indian land with followers of 0.7 % of the total population. In the past few decades, Buddhism was widely spread in all parts of the Indian continent but today, they are only found in the Indian’s Himalayan region. Currently, the government of India is putting more efforts to promote and improve the Indian country ties to Buddhism to encourage tourism in the region. Buddhism places of worship and religion practices are known as temples. The famous Buddhism temple in India is Mahabodhi temple which is located in Bodh Gaya. It is considered as the most and one of the sacred shrines for Buddhism believers in India and in the whole world.


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It is vital to note that India has the largest population in the world who are followers of the Jain religion, but its followers and believers still make up a small number of religious beliefs in the Indian Continent with only 0.4 % of the total population. This religion was introduced in the Indian land around 3000 BCE. Most people consider Jainism as the ancient religion. In India, there are only five million believers of Jainism religion. A Jain temple is a place of worship among the Jainism religion. The place of worship is also known as Derasar in the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat or Basadi in Karnataka. The most Jain temples in Indian land are the Palitana Temple in Palitana and the Ranakpur Temple Jain Temple in Ranakpur.


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Zoroastrianism has the least number of followers in the Indian land. They consist only 0.1 % of the total population of the Indian people. Their faith can be traced back to the famous prophet Zoroaster who is believed to have lived in the current land of Iran. Zoroastrianism religion is among the oldest religions of the world.

In conclusion, other religions practiced in the Indian land are Judaism as well as Bahai religions. They take up 0.7 % of the total population in India. The total number of people who believe in Bahai religion is not more than 4800 people. Jewish are the people who believe in Judaism religion. They are believed to have lived in India for many centuries and Judaism is one of the oldest religions to be recorded on Indian authority. Currently, only 5000 Jews live in India.