The most highlighted facial feature is the nose, as it sits right in the center of the face. It projects itself in the outward direction to greet anyone who takes a look at your face. Hence, it is one of the first things that people notice when they see your face. It’s a crucial feature of the overall facial balance. A well-enhanced nose with a fine enough shape helps keep the shape of the face in the perfect proportion while not deviating from other features. The idea of a beautiful nose has changed in part as surgical techniques became more refined, and surgeons learned to create the nose that fits the face and not the nose that fits the surgeon. The aesthetically pleasing nose is one that fits your face.

Proportion and Appearance of Your Nose


Some of the most beautiful faces are those that have perfect symmetry and facial balance. The way to deal with the opposite scenario is to consult a surgeon who would put your nose in better balance with your face. Sometimes changing just the nose will not give you facial balance. For this reason, it is necessary to consider other procedures to help put your face in balance. Augmenting the cheekbones, chin projection (or reduction), and lip augmentation are just some of the more common procedures to produce better facial balance.

A properly done non-surgical rhinoplasty using dermal fillers can decently highlight your features and refresh facial harmony if your nose is crooked in shape or if the shape is hooked. It needs to be straightened or needs a bump on the bridge of the nose softening or correction of nasal tip droop. Dermal Filler is an authentic alternative to a surgical rhinoplasty. The aim is to bring symmetry to your face, and this non-surgical nose job is best for clients who are scared to have traditional surgery. A non-surgical nose job is a easy and quick process, which requires a high level of ability from the cosmetic physician. The results are quick and you may step out the next day with your new enhanced nose!

Bottom Line:

The aesthetically pleasing nose is one that fits your face with a nice shape and in the correct proportions. A short nose does not fit a long face. A big nose does not fit a petite face, and a feminine nose does not fit a masculine face. The key is shape and proportions. Some of the most beautiful faces are those that have perfect symmetry and facial balance. At The Aesthetic Facial Surgery Centre of New York, we try to improve your nose shape and size to better balance your face. Our experienced Rhinoplasty Surgeon, Dr. Oleh Slupchynskyj, provides professional care and superior results, and can help get you the nose you desire. If you are considering Nose Surgery, you can find useful information on this website

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