Samsung Unveils UFS Cards, Successor to the Beloved microSD Standard

In a bid to move the world of memory cards to Owner Business the following level, Korean electronics massive Samsung has announced a new sort of removable memory card in Usual Flash Storage (UFS) on the way to provide extra than 5 instances examine speed and nearly two times the writing overall performance of brand new microSD cards, in line with the corporation.

These new cards can be ideally suited towards high-resolution expert devices together with DSLRs, 3-D VR cameras, action cams – think GoPro Hero4, drones just like the DJI Phantom series – and for 4K films in addition to 3D gaming. And to in shape their wishes, the may be to be had in Storage capacities of 32, 64, 128 and 256GB.

In terms of overall performance, the brand new Samsung playing cards may be read at 530MB/s, instead of 95MB/s presented by the exceptional microSD playing cards to be had today. Samsung says the improvement brings it on par with a standard strong-country power (SSD), and lets in users to examine a full-HD film of 5GB in size in approximately 10 seconds in which a microSD card could take 50 seconds.

For writing functions, you get 170MB/s and therefore almost doubling modern-day pinnacle-stop microSD cards that offer 90MB/s. Standard microSD cards used by the public in their smartphones provide 20MB/s write speeds, which means that United statescards are 8 to 9 times faster.

Samsung believes this can help photographers and videographers the most, as the quicker examine and write speeds will allow them to copy over multimedia documents and get returned to work in document time. If you’re thinking how the cards reap such massive numbers, it really is because United states of americatechnology has aid for “simultaneous analyzing and writing”, which means that it may use a couple of route unlike microSD playing cards, which enables it multiplies the throughput.



While this is probably the first time Usatech has observed its manner into removable cards, it is already being utilized in its embedded form, starting with final yr’s Galaxy S6. Whether Samsung will determine to switch out the S7’s microSD slot for Americawith subsequent yr’s Galaxy flagship – considering U.S.A.uses a distinct PIN connection – most effective time will tell.

For now, there is no word on pricing or availability of the brand new Samsung Americacards.

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