Simple Steps to Take Better Travel 1

Filming a vacation can be an enriching experience. Here are some helpful hints to help you take better travel videos on your next vacation.

Take Better Travel
Know Your Audience. Before you leave, you should ask yourself to whom you plan to show the video. Are you going to make a travel series for YouTube? Are you going to send it to the Travel Channel? Will you show your friends and family? Once you know who is watching, keeping the same look and feel will be easier. You will also know what kind of things to film. Suppose you’re looking to make a more professional video. In that case, you will probably be talking into the camera more than if you’re filming, trying to capture the overall vibe of the experience.

Use a Tripod. This one is significant. There’s nothing worse than a shaky video, and most cameras don’t do well in your hand. A small tripod can make a huge difference in your video quality. While most camcorders have anti-shake features, they can only do so much. A heavy camera is more stable. However, most consumer cameras don’t have enough weight for consistent handheld use. Don’t forget to compose your shots using the rule of thirds.


Learn About Your Camera. If you haven’t bought a camera for your trip, research online to see how you can get the desired features without breaking the bank. Once you have your camera, you will want to practice with it as much as possible to know how it works.

Bring Memory and Power. Whatever kind of media your camera uses, bring lots of it. It never hurts to have too much, whether a tape, memory card or something else. Don’t forget that you will need to charge your camera. A regular wall adapter should work, but you will want to check the specifications that come with the camera, as not all batteries are created equal.

Have Fun! Don’t get so lost in filming that you forget to enjoy your vacation! There are plenty of pictures perfect moments on every holiday. Once you return, use a film editing program to summarize your holiday in one view; with a little practice, you will make world-class travel videos in no time.