Mobile Devices and Applications for Social Media

Once the network social media profiles are in place we need to decide on what applications and devices to use for our social media engagement. If we look at the devices first, it can sometimes be insignificant and self explanatory but it is worthy of note that there are now many ways to communicate online and talk part in social media engagement amongst other things this is one of the factors that make managing social campaigns quite an exciting and complex prospect.

What Devices Can I used to Engage?

Firstly there is the traditional PC or Mac here it’s kind of obvious to most people that all is required is a web browser and an internet connection and you can log on and create your social media profiles at the various network sites. You will quite quickly that once you have created the profile and you are using it you will notice that there are many applications that can make your task as a social media manager much easier, we will discuss some of these a little later on in this article.

The iPad and the iPhone

The iPad and even the latest iPod touch can now surf the internet and these devices can now download applications that again can be used for taking part in online marketing on the move. Most of these devices can also link to mobile networks on the move and many of the mobile contracts have unlimited network usage.

Using The Mobile Phone Network

Most devices that are available on the market today have some sort of network connection and these devices can easily be used to access email and take part in some level of SM campaign.

On many devices you can download mobile applications that enable the device to take part in even more activity. The Blackberry device for instance can now accept email, and allow a user to take photographs on location and then send these images up to online applications that will then very quickly make your digital content available to online blogs and to social media campaigns.

iPhones are extremely helpful to social media managers since now very powerful iPhone applications can be downloaded to the device so that you can directly interact to Twitter, Facebook or many of the other networks. All of this means that Social Media managers and other senior managers within the organization can now be moving around geographically but still taking part on online sales and marketing campaigns.

How to use Social Media Mobile Applications?

As part of the Social Media Platform build it is extremely useful to install some many management applications that are available to assist you in order to push your messages out to multiple networks at once. One of the many useful applications is Tweetdeck using this application you can push one common message out to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc in just one operation. Also, using applications like Twitpick you can create an account and share your images with the online community very easily again win a single operation.

The usefulness of these sorts of online image repositories is infinite; you could be at some sort of important even at the other side of the world and take a series of photographs that can be uploaded by mobile networks in minutes. These ensure that your online social media campaigns are kept fully up to date irrespective of distance.

Online Digital Content

Then there are applications like Posterous that allow you to send your online digital content up to a blog where it can then be fanned out to the multiple networks again. Then there is Hootsuite which is similar to Tweetdeck in functionality then there is Managed Flitter and applications like this that allow you to get detailed information on how the people you are following are engaging. Depending on which networks you intend to interact with their will be a different set of applications that allow you to carry out different functions within that given network, for instance Twitter would use we follow and manage flitter to give more functionality to your Twitter user profile.



How to engage in SM Using Video and Images?

Then we start to focus on the different Digital networks, like YouTube, Flickr, Twitpick etc these sites allow us to upload and make available video and images to the Social Media Platform. As well as all the plethora of different applications for the uploading of digital content there are the different sites that can be used to add your profiles to so that your profile can be tagged, which makes it easier to find and locate your profiles.

The key point here is that you want to be found and you want users within your market sector to find your content and the content needs to be vibrant relevant and making some sort of positive statement about products / services.