Software developments have continued to advance at a rapid pace. There are more and more new applications, systems and database developments every week but what are the biggest trends going to be during 2011. Where can we expect to see the next evolutionary steps bring made in field of software development.
One area that is sure to continue to improve and gain traction is cloud computing and software as a service system (SAAS). The development of SAAS and accessible software is likely to be at the forefront of computer planning throughout 2011. The software development market is aware that there is a large consumer base in small and medium sized companies who need access to sophisticated programs and up to date releases. SAAS provides an ideal alternative to off the shelf software packages. These save money, time, hardware costs and provide added security and safety. Remotely run applications that can be accessed over the Internet are becoming more common within business.

Smart phone applications are a massive growth market and one which people just cannot get enough. There continues to be new apps for phones and other mobile devises launched every day into the market, all making people wonder just how they managed to get out of their front doors before. There is an application for just about every aspect of the business world and personal circumstances whether it be travel, finance or business management, programs exist to help you while you are on the move.



Another area the software developers are seeing growth in is the bulk management of database systems and increased levels of security. Safe and efficient database development is essential as much of today’s business relies on vast amounts of information about customers, products, stock control and staffing. All this information needs to be stored and manipulated in order for companies to function.

Security is an area of concern for all sectors, whether vulnerability from industrial espionage, malicious software programs or cyber terrorists, custom software development of secure programs that prevent hacking or loss of information are going to continue to grow.

Lastly the social media revolution will continue to expand. Companies are increasingly linking in with social networks to liaising with customers and talking directly to their fan base. There is a mounting ground swell for bespoke software development of commercial based, social network applications, games and tools that engage directly with clients.